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Metropolitan Family Collections

The family room is a gathering spot for friends and family. It’s where we spend most of our time. Therefore, it needs to feel right and look good. Our Metropolitan Family Collections at Pottery Barn suit your family needs with a classic design that adds some personality.

The crafted round side table fits in tight spots or can stand out in the open. Its shape keeps the room from looking anything but average. A rounded shelf allows for some extra storage space. The shape is proof that side or end tables do not have to be rectangular or square. Put a round tray on the shelf to keep things in place while adding dimension to the table. Rounded woven basket trays or metal ones are quite decorative and fit perfectly.

If you like the rounded look, a round coffee table is an impressive piece of furniture to set in front of a sofa. Arrange some coffee table books and assorted sizes of pillar candlesticks to decorate the table. Choose the candle colors based on your color scheme.

Select a rug that coordinates with other colors in the room and that fits under the table. Rugs come in bold colors and patterns, which make a decorating statement to be noticed. As a bonus, bright colors can also hide spills or stains. If you prefer, solid colors or muted tones for a subtle look, that type of rug will be universal. It can be moved around if you ever want to redecorate and change things up a bit. Rugs are a straightforward way to change the motif.

This line of furniture has a sleek long console table ideal for displaying decanters or wine bottles for entertaining. A wine or party bucket would enhance the wine or water bottles. Aside from bar-type practical decor, you could always display framed family photos or sentimental memorabilia.

A smaller rectangular-shaped console table works well for smaller rooms. It can double as a bookcase, makeshift bar or a beautiful table to show off items that are important to you. Placed against a wall, you create a photo or art gallery above the table. Start with framed photos, perhaps from travels, on the top of the table and extend the theme up the wall with related artwork. Wood map layouts of individual cities, city sketches on canvas or framed art of ocean currents blend well to any decor. The artwork also makes a good conversation piece when friends stop by.