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Side and End Tables

Side and end tables are some of the most functional, flexible pieces of furniture in your home. Not only are they ideal for living rooms and family rooms, they also fit beautifully as nightstands in bedrooms. With so many styles and so many ways to use them, let us at Pottery Barn help you with tips on using the various types of tables in your home.

Nesting Tables

Though it may sound counterintuitive, nesting tables are ideal for small spaces. Nesting side tables fit into a cozy spot and can be expanded and used when you have a party, have a guest or two over or have a child that may need to have a play table of his or her own. Once finished, snuggle them back into their spot at the end of your sofa or chair until your next gathering.

Round Tables

If you have a little more room at the end of your seating, opt for the elegance of round side tables. Round side tables soften up a space just by the nature of their shape. Or grab a diminutive 11-inch diameter table for a guest who needs a place to put down a glass. Some round side tables with pedestal bases look like miniature versions of dining room tables.

Traditional Tables

Square and rectangular side tables for living room or bedroom use have traditionally been the go-to style to hold lamps, books, magazines and decorative objects. With or without shelves and drawers or doors, these durable pieces of furniture can easily integrate from room to room wherever needed the most.


Small vintage-style square trunks have lids that open to reveal loads of storage for extra throws, bedding or pillows for guests or toys for kids, but they’re also the perfect height for a side table. These clutter-busters can be used anywhere in a room as much needed storage.


C-tables have so much functionality in such a small package, they’re hard to resist. Consider one with a surface that opens up for double the space, along with a slim side pocket for magazines and books. Grab it and bring it over to the side of your chair or sofa so you can do some easy reading or work while relaxing in comfort. Though C-tables swing over furniture with arms, they especially work well next to armless sectional sofas because they’re easy to pull over.

Stools and Cubes

More architectural than truly functional, decorative stools and cubes make a bold and elegant statement in any room. Whether they have a mirrored finish or gold tone finish, these side tables will comfortably hold a lamp and cup of coffee. Soft- or hard-topped stools also make great extra seating when not in use as a drink holder.


Mobile carts don’t just look stunning next to your furniture, they hold an abundance of reading material that you can wheel over to where ever you want, even from room to room. Or make use of a cart side table as a nightstand in your bedroom or in your home office to hold a printer and other working paraphernalia. Carts also double as rolling home bars in your dining or living room for times you entertain.

Adjustable Tables

Even side tables could use height adjustments. Consider a manually-adjustable end table for use anywhere. They’re ideal for bedroom nightstands because they’re easily adjustable to your most comfortable bedside height. Choose a table that's modeled after a potter's wheel that can be adjusted by swiveling the top up or down from 22" to 28" high. Other side tables can be locked with a removable pin, from 20" to 26" high. End tables come in various heights. Consider tables that reach the tops of cushions (16" to 17" tall) or higher tables (24" to 28" tall) that reach the top of your sofa’s or chair’s arms.

You love relaxing on your stylish seating. Help it become an even more usable place to spend time with end tables that express your style.