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Pool Tables & Game Tables

Engage in a bit of friendly competition with your friends and family by adding a game table from Pottery Barn to your home. If pool is your preferred table game, a classic wooden pool table belongs in your game room. Select a table in a finish that complements your existing decor, and store all of your essentials for a rousing game of pool in a wall storage rack; they’re a terrific way to maximize the space of your entertainment room. When you want to switch up your gaming, shield the table with a table tennis cover for a bit of variety, or practice your aim with a sleek dart board after organizing your cues in a wall-mounted rack.

Set the right atmosphere in your game room by adding a few pieces of lively wall art. Art panels are an innovative way to display your favorite prints. Arrange the panels close together for a streamlined look, or space them out for an artistic arrangement. Don’t limit your decor to pictures; instead, draw inspiration from one your hobbies. Replica pieces are a charming way to pay homage to the activities that play an important role in your life. You can also safely display your personal mementos in a shadow box. Once you have everything arranged in the box, hang it on the wall or let it rest on your media center.

At times, you may find that you need a break from your active games. Fire up your preferred gaming system for a bit of passive game time. A media center is a wonderful way to house all of the necessary components for vigorous gaming sessions. Open media centers are one possibility; they keep your TV, consoles and games on permanent display. Some media centers even accommodate baskets or canvas bins to encourage organization. If you prefer an uncluttered look, consider a media center with drawers or cabinets so your gaming accessories, games and electronics are conveniently hidden from view.

As your friends battle it out, you want them to be comfortable. Incorporate a few chairs into your room’s layout. Leather chairs are a terrific alternative to make cleanup as easy as possible; simply wipe away any spills or drips. Swivel chairs are ideal for providing gamers freedom of movement; you can easily turn or twist in these cozy chairs to keep up with the on-screen action. Encourage your friends to kick back and put their feet up by adding a couple of recliners. With the push of a lever, the chairs transform into the ultimate space for relaxation.

When your guests require a little nourishment, use our chic serving trays to offer them tasty snacks. Serving trays help you keep cleanup to a minimum by minimizing the number of dishes that you use and carry back to the kitchen. Flat rectangular or oval serving platters work well for holding a large number of treats. If breakage is a concern, stick with durable wood platters. Roomy serving bowls are great to have around when you want to serve chips and dip, and you can make it even easier for all of your friends to access the snacks by opting for a lazy Susan tray. All it takes is a quick spin for your guests to snap up their snacks.

Don’t forget to offer your guests a beverage to go with their snacks. Check that you have all of the essential glassware and bar supplies. A set of lovely stemware is a must-have for serving wine or sparkling cider. When entertaining on chilly nights, use coordinating mugs to serve piping-hot glasses of coffee or cocoa. Keep canned drinks nearby by investing in a party bucket; just add ice and your beverages to ensure refreshments are always within reach. Sometimes drinks are your furniture’s worst nightmare, so protect the items in your home by ensuring there are plenty of coasters close by.