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Console Tables

The console table is an elegant and versatile piece of furniture that adds style and function to any room in your home. Dress them up, dress them down. However you style them and wherever you place them, console tables provide the space to display treasures, add a table lamp or create a cohesive look for your space.

Where You Can Use Console Tables

One of the great things about console tables is that you can use them just about anywhere you want to. You may be tempted to think of them strictly as entryway pieces or sofa tables, but they work well in many different settings. In entryways, console tables provide a strong focal point to greet guests as they come into your home. They also provide a spot to place your keys and other belongings. In your home office, console tables can double as a writing desk. Sleek and simple, they offer just enough space for a laptop or computer, task lamp and other useful office decor. Pair it with a comfortable chair and you’re good to go. In the living room, you can add a console behind the sofa for decorative items, coffee table books and table lamps. Or use a sturdy console table as a TV stand in the living area or even in your bedroom. Console tables don’t have as much storage space as media stands, but if you choose one with cupboards or shelving, you can neatly store all your components. In your family room or dining room, use console tables for your home bar or buffet. In your bedroom or dressing area, why not use a console table as a vanity? Pair it with a great mirror and a comfy stool to create the perfect spot to finish your hair and makeup.

Ideas for Decorating with Console Tables

Whether you’re using the table in an entryway or a different room, consider pairing it with a mirror to create a fabulous focal area. This is particularly helpful if you’re using it as a vanity or near your front door so you and your guests can get one last look at their ’do before heading out. Alternatively, place it near an amazing piece of artwork to draw the eye to both pieces.

Add balance to your console table decor with symmetry. For example, instead of adding one lamp, consider one at either end. Or offset a large vase on one end with a similarly sized lamp on the other.

Take advantage of the space under console tables. It’s the ideal spot to place organizational baskets, ottomans and stools. It’s also an appropriate space to add a funky decorative item, a stack of books or a sculpture.

Create a welcoming tablescape by adding a mix of lamps, candles, sculptures, floral arrangements or plants, framed photos and artwork. If you prefer keeping things sleek and clutter free, keep your console table’s decor simple and minimalist. In general, experts suggest creating a tablescape using visual triangles and groups of three for balance.

Tips for Choosing Console Tables

When you’re shopping for console tables, consider where you’re placing it and how you want to use it. These are two of the most important details to help you narrow down the size, finish and other features. For example, if you’re adding console tables to your living area and you already have a glass top coffee table, consider choosing a glass top console table for a cohesive look. Or look for wood console tables for a hip, eclectic, mixed-material look. Measure the height and width of the area you intend to place it to choose perfectly sized console tables.

You have so many options to include console tables in your home decor. Pottery Barn’s console tables come in everything from warm woods for a traditional look to sleek glass and metal for modern appeal.