Console Tables & Sofa Tables

From the living room to a grand foyer and everywhere in between, console and sofa tables can find a place in rooms and hallways all throughout your house. Though they’re traditionally placed behind a sofa or up against a wall, console tables can provide a handy surface for plants in front of a sunny window or create a surface that allows you to display treasured family photos in a previously underutilized part of your home. These versatile tables are typically long and thin, and Pottery Barn’s console and sofa table options include a variety of different styles to fit in with any type of interior decor.

While our sofa tables look lovely on their own, these accent pieces make the perfect surface for you to create attractive visual displays. Create a bright spot in your living room by displaying fresh flowers in a beautiful vase or create some mood lighting with a row of delicately scented pillar candles. Mix in your favorite decorative objects with some of our small sculptural pieces to create a complete decor vignette that catches the eye and reminds you of all your favorite things in life. If you feel that your current living room arrangement is a bit bland, adding a sofa or console table into the mix can help you take things to the next level by providing an extra layer of aesthetic appeal.

Console tables can also fill in as utilitarian accent pieces in lounge areas with limited space. Pick out a table lamp and a comfy armchair from our collection and pair those with one of our console tables to create a comfortable and well-illuminated reading nook. Console tables can also help you add some directional mood lighting in a formal living room or dining room that gets most of its light from an overhead fixture. These slim tables can provide the perfect surface to hold an upturned task lamp for a dramatic uplighting effect against a wall, providing both light and decor in a dining room or home theater.

Our console tables can provide attractive added storage space in your home as well. A console or sofa table equipped with some attractive basketscan create a space for you and your family to stow a variety of different household and personal items. Try using baskets to contain hats, scarves, keys and bags in an entryway or board games and photo albums in a living room. Thanks to their narrow profile, these tables can fit in almost anywhere.