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Benchwright Home Office Furniture

Design your home office to be a place where you want to go to and spend time working and formulating business ideas. At Pottery Barn, our Benchwright home offices are practical and decorative. Our mahogany finished desk has plenty of space to spread out and three drawers to tuck away your office supplies out of sight. The sleek, no fuss design makes a statement all on its own. Add a task lamp to provide lighting just where you need it. Most have slender designs to only take up a small bit of desk space. The lighting can be adjusted to focus on the specific task or area where you are working. If you need more desk work area, consider a floor lamp for your lighting needs.

Find a rug to go under your desk and office area. The rug cushions your sitting and walking areas but also adds some pizzazz to your work space. Choose one that suits your home office theme whether it’s simple and practical or adventurous and daring. Add a rug pad to keep your rug in place.

Your desk may hold all of your supplies, so a console table can provide some additional storage space. With two shelves, add desk organizers to keep your folders and binders readily available. For even more storage needs, the hutch can be stacked on top of the desk. It provides four extra drawers and an additional shelf. The hutch shelf is an ideal spot for keeping wireless charging stations out of the way. Having the station right by your desk lets you keep devices charged and ready to go. No more worries that your battery will die at the wrong time.

Once you have the essentials, it's time to personalize your office. Include some collectibles that suit your hobbies, individual tastes and personality. If you like the beach, hang the mango wood shelf from the home office collection and arrange seashells or faux coral items on display. If you're a sports nut, put some sports memorabilia on the shelf. If you like greenery, put a plant or two on it.

Consider adding a gallery wall over the console table to display trophies, certificates and business awards. If your customers or clients will be coming to see you, this makes a good way for you to show off achievements and success without having to mention it to them. Many framing options can truly make the wall look like designed artwork. Box styles can frame bulky or odd-shaped items. Choose one style of frame like solid wood or black metal for a subtle look or mix and match for a bolder approach.