Contract Grade

Our Contract products meet upgraded testing demands
that go beyond our traditional residential standards.

Upgrade to Commercial Dining Furniture

Treat yourself to commercial dining furniture for pieces that last under lots of use. These furnishings are designed especially to perform under different kinds of use than you might put them through in your own home. Your own home is still a great place for them, especially if you have kids or other family members that like to test your furniture's strength, unwittingly or otherwise. Shop the same modern classic styles you've come to expect from Pottery Barn, like cross-back dining chairs or riveted leather counter stools and slim bar tables.

What is Contract Grade Furniture?

Contract grade furniture refers to furniture pieces that stand up against commercial use. The rigors of constant use demand something a little different. For instance, you might use your dining table at home a few times a day, but commercial dining furniture can be used consistently all day, every day.

  • Commercial dining furniture includes chairs, bar stools, counter stools, bar tables, bistro tables and even console tables, like what might act as a sideboard for water coolers, platters of snacks for guests or other mementoes.
  • This furniture looks just like you'd expect any furniture from Pottery Barn to appear. Lines are clean, while finishes are bold and consistent. Silhouettes are remarkable without overwhelming the aesthetic.
  • You can also select these pieces by the set. For example, you may want to order dining chairs in sets of four to surround a large pedestal table.

Commercial Dining Furniture for New Uses

The ways in which you can use commercial dining furniture are as varied as your imagination. Whether you bring these styles home, decorate an established business or furnish a new enterprise, these pieces are versatile and reliable.

  • Outfit a cafe or restaurant with commercial dining furniture. Let the decor speak for itself while your staff focuses on the menu and service.
  • Create a dining area in another type of business to create a welcoming feel for guests or customers. For instance, some of the major department stores now have cafes. Your business might benefit from a little hospitality, too.
  • If you offer rentals on a home-sharing platform, you may want to additional reassurances of commercial dining furniture. That way, guests can relax and you can keep your dining collection looking new for the next guests.

Enjoying At-Home Style Anywhere

The beauty of contract grade furniture is that it lets you enjoy the airy, modern decor atmosphere you already know you love. Order your furniture from a brand you already love and trust to see how your style translates when you share it with your customers, clients, guests and more.