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Bar Cabinets To Suit Your Furniture Style

Bar cabinets are the defining feature in a dining room or entertaining area that take the space from simple to simply luxurious. You can maintain a modern look that includes your favorite furniture touch points--like artisan-level carpentry, richly-stained surfaces and your choice of cup handles or knobs--all while showcasing that your home is a place of good times and relaxation. Store your most beloved wine bottles, rare spirits or everyday cocktail ingredients in sideboards and bar cabinets made for entertaining. When it's just you, pour yourself a well-deserved refreshment at the end of the day with the same flair.

What Are Bar Cabinets?

Bar cabinets refer to the various furnishings where you can store your wine and spirits. They include space for bottle, glasses, mixers, napkins and other accoutrements or accessories required for fine pours.

  • These cabinets are designed especially to complement the rest of your furniture in your dining room, kitchen or living room. Look for deep-toned wood finishes, metal details and crown molding to go with dining tables, coffee tables and more.
  • Most bar cabinets consist of at least one cabinet with a hinged door and a drawer you can pull out for napkins, straws or coasters. Some of the simpler designs may double as sideboards or credenzas.
  • If you choose a bar cabinet that's designated for beverage storage and service, look for one that has an upper hutch or unique space to store wine bottles on their sides at room temperature.

What Size Do You Need?

Determine the size you need for your home, depending on where you'll place yours and how you intend to use it. These pieces are meant to make a statement, even if it's off to the side of a main sitting area.

  • Modular bar towers let you design the amount of space you require to your specifications. Much like sectional sofas, these towers offer an array of choices, like a base cabinet, top hutch with doors, open storage and more.
  • If you need to use the top of your bar cabinet as surface space, look for one that's more akin to a buffet. Even if you need wine cabinets for a collection of special bottles, you can keep it mid-height and use the top to mix drinks or place down platters of snacks.
  • Many of the upper-level hutches contain room for wine glass storage, even if you choose a slimmer profile. Glasses hang upside down from dedicated storage that allows the base of the glass to slide into an opening, where it's held securely until you need it.

Discover the joy you'll experience with your very own bar cabinet at home. These magnificent furnishings transform a space--and the mood in the room--in no time.