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Electronic Gifts

Everywhere you look the importance of electronic gadgets can be seen. Smartphones, media players and tablets are as much about staying connected to the world around you as the conveniences provided. At Pottery Barn, we are pleased with the wide range of electronic gifts and accessories we can offer you.

Having a hard time finding just the right gift for the traveler in your life? Our portable audio speakers are always a big hit. Compatible with any Bluetooth-enabled device, your special gift recipient will be able to stream music, listen with clarity to any media player or enjoy clear audio from computers and tablets. The portable audio speakers are ideal for indoor and outdoor use. Keep the devices charged for eight hours of listening pleasure. With a compact design, the portable audio speakers fit well within the pockets of our travel totes and weekender bags.

Our charging boxes are one of the most universal electronic gifts you will find. The charging boxes work for both wireless and cable charging devices. Crafted from solid materials, such as pinewood, the charging boxes work well sitting on bedside tables, dorm desks and within executive offices while adding fine details to the room. With a built-in velvet-lined valet tray, our selection of charging boxes ensures your electronic devices are safe from scratches and other damage. Our charging boxes do come with a built-in USB ready port. The port accommodates all types of USB cables for the electronic devices you depend on regularly in your life.

Our selection of catchalls feature charging ports for keeping phones and mobile devices ready for use. The catchalls are conveniently sized to fit well on dressers or nightstands. The lined compartments ensure watch faces, phone screens and other important mobile devices are not damaged when placed in the catchall. Pairing the catchalls with one of the many jewelry boxes in our collection offers a gift idea for couples that will not soon be forgotten. Our jewelry boxes are available in many different sizes, designs and colors to match any room design.

We even have electronic gift ideas that will help you when choosing gifts for individuals that are not so tech savvy. Our classic desk telephone offers a contemporary look and feel with the dependability found in modern-day electronic devices. The classic desk telephones plug into a standard telephone jack. The classic design telephones offer a certain charm when used in offices, homes or dorm rooms that can be appreciated by anyone that enters the room. Including features like redial and flash, tone or pulse settings, earpiece volume controls as well as ringer on and off options, the classic desk telephones that we offer keep everyone connected with comfort.

Whenever you are in a situation in which you want to give a special gift it is always comforting when you can feel confident about the present you give on the special recipient. While our electronic gadgets and accessories do carry a certain level of novelty appeal, knowing that the products in our collection are built with reliability in mind ensures an ideal gift every time. All of the electronics accessories, such as the catchalls and charging boxes we have available, are compatible with all of your favorite electronic devices. Best of all, the products we offer add significantly to the ambience of any room or office theme and design with ease. From various finish options for our catchalls and jewelry boxes to the neutral color options we offer for our classic-style desk phones, you can rest assured that the person receiving your gift will be satisfied.