Game Room Gifts

Much more than a “man cave,” your game room is most likely also your child’s playroom, a great place for the family to get together for game night and the ideal place to watch your favorite sports when they’re on television. Everyone’s game room is a little different, and whether you’re shopping to spruce up your own or are looking for a thoughtful housewarming or special occasion gift, there are quite a few game room gift options available from Pottery Barn. From fun tabletop games to pool accessories, you’re sure to find something for your own room or for a friend’s.

A game room is, of course, for playing games, so think of something that you and your family or you and your friends will enjoy. A tabletop toppling puzzle tower is always a great idea. Whether you’re having a few drinks during the big game on TV or have challenged your little one to a game of skill, it’s always a joy to take out the wooden pieces one by one until someone topples the tower over. This type of game is also a great idea for travelling on vacation, especially on a rainy day.

A dartboard is also a classic must-have for your game room. Consider a whole wooden set that comes with everything you need to stay home and enjoy a game of darts. Complete with a wall-mountable wooden encasing and board that mounts directly to the wall, a dartboard, instructions and included darts, you can hone your dart game to perhaps compete at your local pub during a competition. It’s easy to learn how to score the game, and just takes a little bit of practice and skill to throw.

Other game room favorites include ideas such as an air hockey table or foosball table. Built durably strong for kids and adults alike to enjoy, these are great gift ideas for him or for anyone who enjoys a friendly, sporting game. Air hockey and foosball are great not only for your game room, but also for your finished basement or bar area if you have one. Challenge friends to a game, or enjoy game night with your family.

Perhaps the most celebrated game room game of all, a pool table is enjoyable for all ages as well. Whether you’re playing a fierce game of one pocket, nine-ball or eight-ball, a pool table is an excellent addition for the home. Choose from several different colors to complement your existing decor, such as black, khaki, olive and wine. To turn up the fun dial, you can also invest in a pool table cover that instantly turns your pool table into a table tennis table. Grab a pair of ping pong paddles and a few balls to challenge friends or family to a game of table tennis. Great for parties, this cover also protects your pool table when it’s not in use. If you’re looking for pool table accessories to give as gifts for birthdays, housewarmings or special occasions, a wall-mounted storage rack for cues, balls and accessories is a great idea. Wall organization is imperative in any room, and in a game room, it’s the best way to keep a multitude of sticks, pool balls and triangles organized. A wall-mounted rack is a great way to keep everything in one place – and give the room that pool hall feel.

If your game room also includes an in-ground pool, there are a few pool accessories that are great for an indoor pool. Look for a drink caddy pool float, so you can enjoy an iced tea or an adult beverage while taking a dip, a pool noodle to help keep afloat or a long pool float to take a short nap and relax.