Personalized Robes, Cosmetic Bags & Totes

Most visitors never see your bedroom, or an ensuite bathroom. But they’re probably among your favorite spots in the house. Why is that? Why do people like to decorate their bedroom and bathroom so much? One reason is that while most of the home is designed to impress others, your bedroom and private bath are just for you. They’re places where you can kick off your shoes, close the curtains and totally relax. Enjoy a soothing nap with candlelight and soft music. Wake up in the morning with a smile on your face surrounded by colorful artwork that gives you a positive attitude. If you’re looking for a present that’s sure to be loved by friends, family or a special someone, our bedding and bath gifts at Pottery Barn are an excellent option. Here are a few possibilities.

Since the bedroom and bathroom are all about letting your hair down and being yourself, it’s nice to set the right mood. Cozy spaces actually have a profound physical and emotional effect on you. When you can take a deep breath, it makes your heart beat a little slower. Tense muscles start to relax. Of course, soaking in a warm bath melts away stress even faster, especially with calming aromas and flowers nearby. Want to give someone the full spa treatment? A supersoft bathrobe treats them to luxurious and happy moments they treasure. And their body is ready for a refreshing night’s sleep or pleasant nap afterward.

For an especially touching gift, personalize it. A monogram is a way to tell the woman or man in your life how much you love them. A personalized bathrobe gives them a distinguish air while they sit on the terrace or balcony with their morning coffee. Couples love having a pair of matching terry cloth robe that identifies them as Mr. and Mrs. at the breakfast table.

Most women like to keep their makeup neatly organized and close to the bathroom mirror – or at their vanity. And guys have favorite colognes, aftershave and personal shaving equipment. A cosmetic bag is a stylish way to store beauty and grooming items. Some chic pieces are shaped like a round French hatbox. Others stand upright with a spacious interior and vertical zipper. They’re great for two reasons. First, they keep the countertop spotless, but give you a practical place for cosmetics where you can reach them quickly in the morning. They’re also awesome presents for college students with roommates. That way they can bring everything they need to get ready, but not have to leave anything behind in the bathroom.

Frequent travelers appreciate toiletry bags. They make packing a lot easier since personal items are conveniently grouped together. Finding what they’re looking for takes no time. It also allows them to bring their favorite scents and shampoos along for the ride. That’s helpful for everything from business trips to tropical vacations.

It’s no surprise that a set of lavish towels are a popular gift item. They're something that everyone – newlyweds, graduates, parents or friends – can use. Our organic cotton pieces are ultrasmooth to the touch and dry quickly too. From a practical point of view, they’re helpful and long-lasting. But that’s only half of the story. Choose gorgeous colors like mocha, ebony or sage to add lots of chic to a brilliant bathroom.

In the bedroom, give the gift of immense comfort with fresh cotton sateen or flax linen sheets. They’re fresh and breathable, inviting you to lie down and rest. Neutral shades match laidback spaces with lots of natural illumination. There are designs to appeal to artistic personalities or fit exotic decor.

Completely transform the room with a duvet cover or comforter. They’re like larger-than-life artwork that fills the room with visual excitement. Some motifs highlight posh elegance, while others create a rustic ambience. It’s not hard to match your choice with the recipient’s personality and interests.

Take comfort beyond all expectations with an exquisite featherbed. It provides another layer of cushioning for tired muscles, making friends or family sleep like a baby. And when someone is well-rested, their day gets off to a great start.