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Find Perfect Pet Gifts for Fluffy and Fido at Pottery Barn

Your pet is by your side nearly around the clock. Well, at least they would be if you didn't have to go to work or leave the house! Give your family pet a great gift or shop for that dog and cat lover in your life by browsing our selection of pet-related gifts today. You can find everything from comfy big dog beds to miniature pet pillows and essentials like bowls, mats and toy boxes.

What Pet Gifts Can I Buy?

Pets make each moment we spend at home better and when it comes to a morning or afternoon walk, your four-legged friend is the best companion on Earth. Shop for a selection of amazing gifts for pets to reward your pal. You can also shop for friends and family members that fawn over their pets while you're at it. Here are a few of the wonderful gifts for pets you can find at Pottery Barn:

  • Pet beds. Every pet needs a comfortable place to sleep, and while your bed and sofa may be their preferred spot, it may not be ideal for you. Give your perfect pet their place to sleep by shopping for small, medium and oversized pet beds. Look for elevated sofa styles that'll put your pet off the floor and basic, cushioned pet beds that can you can quickly and easily move throughout your home.
  • Pet pillows. Make sure your pet has a comfortable place to call their own even when they're away from their bed. Add pet pillows to your setup in the den, family room and even your home office so your cat or dog can go anywhere you go.
  • Feeders and bowl stands. Get your pet's food up off the ground and keep your home neat with feeders and bowl stands. Great for pets of all ages, older pets can really benefit from these since bending down to the floor can be tough for your senior-aged furry friend.
  • Dog treat canisters. Add a fun touch to your decor with dog treat canisters that can go right next to your morning coffee, sugar, flour and pasta jars. You can also find an assortment of pet food canisters that you can keep out on display. They'll keep your pet's food fresh and give your kitchen or pet-friendly space a more refined look.
  • Collar, leash and waste bag containers. Walk your pet in style with collar, leash and waste bag containers in snazzy materials and good-looking colors. Look for red, black, blue or gingham-printed styles to outfit your pet right.
  • Pet toys. Plush toys and chewable treats are every dog's favorite. Find an assortment for any size pet at Pottery Barn. We've also got pet toy baskets and bins in multiple styles so you can keep your home tidy.
  • Personalized pet gifts. Show your pet how much you care with custom pet gifts from Pottery Barn. Find beds, pillows, bowls and more that fit your decor, then personalize them with your pet's name or initials. Personalized items for family pets also make amazing gifts for friends and loved ones.

Whether your best friend is a dog, a cat or you've got a whole pack, it's easy to shower them in gifts at Pottery Barn. Make sure you grab a few extras so you can give them to all of your cat and dog-loving friends for special occasions and holidays.