Preserve Your Wine with a Decorative Wine Stopper

Enjoying a glass of wine with dinner is a great way to relax after a long day. But since the cork of a wine bottle expands upon being released, it's tough to reuse to reseal the bottle. Plus, wine corks are not especially sturdy and often obtain cracks or other damage due to the force necessary for removal. A decorative wine stopper is a perfect solution. These handy wine accessories are shaped to fit into any standard sized wine bottle, creating an airtight seal that preserves your leftover wine for future use. Fun decorative stoppers come in a variety of styles to suit every situation.

Novelty Wine Toppers

Dress up your wine bottles and show off your personality with a novelty wine topper. These decorative wine toppers feature everything from cute animal figurines to golden top hats. Some are available with a classic stainless steel finish while others are made of special blends of fabrics and faux fur.

Holiday Wine Toppers

Embrace the holiday spirit with fun and festive holiday wine toppers. Most of these decorative wine toppers focus on winter holidays. Choose from fun figures like snowmen, Christmas stockings and reindeer. Mix and match different options to create a lineup of holiday magic on your bar counter.

Decorative Stoppers vs. Regular Stoppers

A wine stopper's key feature is its rubberized surface which, when squeezed into an open bottle, effectively seals the bottle and prevents airflow from degrading your wine. While the stylish topper is purely for aesthetic appeal, there are many benefits to choosing a decorative wine stopper over a basic stopper.

  • Because they are available in many fun styles, these toppers can be used to decorate the bar at any home party or event. They'll effortlessly add charm and character to your bar cart or bar buffet table.
  • Since they are both cute and useful, they make the perfect hostess gift when visiting friends or family. You can also bring along a bottle of wine or a set of stemless wine glasses.
  • Since decorative wine toppers are quite affordable, they also make great gifts in other situations. Use them as secret Santa gifts around the holidays or as party favors any time of the year.

Ensure your favorite wines taste as fresh as the day you opened them with a decorative wine stopper. These stoppers feature a rubberized core that seals opened wine bottles, keeping air from ruining the flavor of your wine. With fun options like novelty toppers and holiday toppers to choose from, these wine accessories are as decorative as they are useful. Pick up a set for your home and a few extras to use as thoughtful and affordable gifts for every wine lover on your list.