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Halloween Home Decor for Spooky Fun

As the nights get longer and cooler, one thing is on your mind--Halloween home decor. This time of year is lovely for cornucopias, corn stalks and other fall assemblies, but Halloween decorations bring out the spooky fun for the whole neighborhood. Dress up your yard and entryway, then take it inside with lots of looks to fright and delight. If you plan on entertaining, make an extra-special effort with playful place settings and serveware.

Indoor and Outdoor Halloween Decorations

Halloween home decor usually starts outside where everyone who passes by can enjoy it. Plus, nothing welcomes trick-or-treaters like an entryway full of pumpkins, lights, garland and other seasonal themes.

  • Decorate your door with a wreath of orange, gold and green. You can put this one out as soon as fall begins to herald the start of your favorite season. Add a garland over the header jamb of the door to enhance the style.
  • Embellish your porch with lanterns and other candle holders to give the doorway an eerie glow that invites others like you who love Halloween.
  • Replace your doormat and add motifs like crows, pumpkins or gourds. These can be as spooky or friendly as you like, depending on how you place them and what you do with your lighting.

Bring your decor indoors by starting with the same themes as outside. Have fun with skeletons, mummies and more along tabletops or in window sills. Miniature haunted houses and lots of candlelight help your place feel spooky and lighthearted. Halloween is the most fun when you decorate everywhere.

What's New in Pumpkins

Take a look at new styles of pumpkins this year. Halloween home decor owes much to this humble gourd. Now, you can relish the creativity of artisan takes on everyone's favorite Halloween emblem.

  • Amber glass versions showcase the pretty pale orange of the real thing. Styled as cloches, you can display other decor within them.
  • German glitter is the upscale variant of regular glitter. This stuff sticks on the pumpkins only and gives your home a phantasmagoric sparkle.
  • Earthier constructions, like wooden boxes or woven designs, rely on the curvaceous shape of a full pumpkin to add texture and dimension to tabletop trinkets.
  • As always, pumpkins look beautiful lit up. The same goes for glass pumpkins. Stuff yours with string lights for a postmodern style.

Decor For an Amazing Halloween Party

When celebrating with friends, put out your best Halloween china. Plates with silly themes like mummy or pumpkin faces hold baked treats, while skeleton glasses make serving drinks dramatic and fun.

Enjoy everything about Halloween with all the best decor.