White Christmas Decorations for Winter Glamour

Relish the glamour of the holiday season with white Christmas decorations. This decor brings back the classic memories of Christmases long ago, while still invoking a modern style that makes each year feel like there's something special about it. Build upon your collection of glimmering white decor as you enter the season, so that as Christmas approaches, you have plenty of beautiful elements with which to adorn your home. Check out ornaments, toppers, skirts, stockings, lights and special holiday items for you and your loved ones, like plush robes or frosted white sheets. With so many choices for your home, white Christmas decorations are an easy way to dress up every room and the halls in between.

What Makes White Decor So Special

There's something unique about white Christmas decorations that inspires everyone to get into the holiday mood. Maybe it's the clear design reference to dazzling fresh snow, but this gleaming neutral lets you create a Christmas scene that is both elegant and welcoming at once.

  • To bring a brightness to all your decor, try something easy like string lights that you can drape all over your home. Start with the stairs, line the ceiling edge of your hallways and create swags of light along high ceilings.
  • White goes with everything, but it goes especially well with the gleaming colors of Christmas. Try it with silver, gold, cranberry red and forest green or a deep winter navy. Style it as you go to see how versatile it is.
  • Some of these decorations can last all winter. Transition them into Valentine's Day looks when you select glittery or lit decor.

Discovering The Perfect Ornaments

The perfect ornaments await you when you shop white Christmas decorations. Find gorgeously-crafted pieces to hang on your tree full of all the details that make the holiday bright and memorable. Start with a few classics and then move onto creative styles that stand out.

  • Gleaming white spheres or Arabesque shapes look incredible on your tree. Choose to decorate the whole tree in white ornaments or just place them around the branches to complement other types of ornaments.
  • Experiment with using interesting hangers, like twine or another textured way to loop the ornament over the branches. By making every detail special, you can highlight the beauty of your white decorations.
  • Include other contrasting colors to go with white, like gold accents or the shimmer of beads that bring out the gleam of white Christmas decorations. With each ornament, pick a new way to showcase the color.

Trying New Styles with White Christmas Decorations

Let your imagination take over this holiday season with white decor that fits into a chateau or cottage scene just as easily as a traditional Christmas look. The ultimate impact is up to you.