Christmas Styles to Try at Home This Year

As the holidays approach, dive into new Christmas styles to decorate your home. Most families have at least a few items that are always part of the traditions, but you can still make each year memorable on its own by finding Christmas looks that update the atmosphere and add unexpected joy. Try an aesthetic that fits with what you already own and build a secondary collection of decor from there.

Picking New Christmas Decoration Ideas

When you're considering Christmas inspiration, take stock of what you and your family already love about the winter holiday season. Take a good look at your home's layout to discover new places to build decorative tableaus. Then, let yourself have some fun shopping for new holiday elements to embellish your rooms.

Classic Holiday Looks Bring Joy

The classic Christmas look has been around forever because it gets a lot right. The colors are festive but uniquely paired to signify the season. Everyone loves the glimmer of the holidays, too.

  • Incorporate red, white and green wherever you can, preferably all three at once. Shop stockings, ornaments, tabletop decor and cozy holiday textiles, like robes or linens.
  • Let the tree be the star of the show. Red, white and green is natural here. Green needles offer a home for white lights and red ribbons or other ornaments.
  • Pack ornaments onto every branch for an abundant yet traditional look. Pick out ornaments as a family to make it more meaningful.

Cottage Aesthetics Offer Coziness

For Christmas styles that focus on the homey nature of the holiday, explore various takes on cottage aesthetics.

  • Try an upscale chateau look with lots of gold, merlot red and a slightly Baroque sensibility that gets its inspiration from the great homes of Europe.
  • Garland, votive holders and lots of lights anchor this look in a glamorous setting. Take it bohemian with lanterns and hurricanes for candles.
  • Coastal cottage looks join the season with lots of chalky whites and thick, structural greenery. Organically styled wreaths and garland pair with flameless wax candles for a modern, breezy look.

Dazzle in Glimmering White

Make a dramatic statement with Christmas styles when you go all winter white. Even if have classically colored decor you still plan to display, designate a corner or section of your home for stunning shades of white, silver and lights.

This is such a high-drama look that even giving it a defined space makes a beautiful impact on your holiday decor. Play with looks you love to create a home that's a joy for all.