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Wreaths & Garlands


Christmas Wreath Ideas & Hanging Tips

At Pottery Barn, we offer a wide range of stunning decor to turn your house into a magical work of art during the holiday season. With our Christmas wreath ideas and hanging tips, you can welcome guests to your home in beautiful style.

The first step in hanging a wreath is deciding where you want to display it. The most common places to hang wreaths include doors, window, walls, standing racks and staircases. You can also decide to hang them indoors or outdoors, just keep in mind the construction of your wreath and if it is suited to withstand the elements. Faux wreaths typically do well outdoors as they are less susceptible to climate changes and frost.

When hanging your faux or fresh wreaths on doors, you want to think of the size and look. Most entryway doors are 36 inches wide and you can choose looks from understated and classic to bold and festive. For understated designs, it’s best to stick with wreaths that measure 20 to 26 inches in diameter. For a bold look that turns heads, opt for wreath measuring 28 to 30 inches in diameter. If your door is larger than the standard 36 inches, you can choose larger wreaths to suit your specific dimensions. Just make sure to leave a little space on all sides for a bordered effect.

Hang your beautiful holiday decor wreaths using either nails or hangers. Nails are ideal for outdoor spaces such as sheds or front doors where you seasonally change wreaths. If you prefer to leave doors, windows and other surfaces unaltered, opt for a wreath hanger. Available in metal and wood styles, you’re sure to find one you love. Hangers sit flush against the door and attach over the top and many are adjustable so you can hang your wreath exactly where you want it. Some hangers also come with seasonal icons so they add an extra punch of style to your designs.

Hanging a wreath on a window gives a beautiful illusion of floating Christmas decor that is as magical as the holidays. You can achieve this look by using magnetic wreaths hangers on both sides of the glass pane. To hang wreaths directly on the siding of your house for a festive outdoor look, siding hangers featuring stainless-steel hooks slide beneath your siding to be fastened securely.

Staircases are generally not compatible with hangers and hooks so you get to be a little more creative when hanging wreaths in these spots. Take inspiration from your Christmas ornaments and hang wreaths using thick, bold ribbons. Tie a big bow and loop through the hook on the wreath for a stunning appearance. If you prefer to not use ribbon, you can also use string or twine to create floating wreaths that gradually ascend your staircase. You can also use the ribbon or string method if you worry about metal hangers damaging the surface of your doors. Attach a hook on the opposite side of the door and upside down. Once the hook is secured, loop your wreath’s ribbon around it and drape it over the front of the door.

When selecting ribbon, string or sturdy hangers, you want to make sure that the material is strong enough to hold the weight of your wreath. You can also opt for sticky strips that can hold your wreath to the door in the entryway or on brick above the fireplace. Treat your hangers as additions to your decor and choose ribbon in vibrant holiday colors, such as red and green. You can also find ribbon featuring printed scenes with snowmen and reindeer that add a lighthearted touch to your wreath.

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