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Curating A Meaningful Collection of Christmas Ornaments

If you're like most families, you shop for Christmas ornaments every holiday season. Even if you just add a few to your collection, your tree looks fuller and more beautiful every year. This year, continue the tradition and be sure to select the Christmas ornaments that make your holiday as meaningful as possible.

Take Stock of Your Christmas Tree Decorations

Decorating the tree is a treasured pastime for many. Once you get the tree up, it's natural to start putting ornaments on it right away -- but that doesn't have to be where it ends. Take a look at what you have, so you know what to add.

  • Your most beloved ornaments should go at eye level for all to see. Dedicate long branches with a little space around them to these top ornaments. You'll love how they stand out.
  • Sprinkle the tree evenly with colored Christmas ornaments. Space out red, green, silver, gold and white for a harmonious look.
  • Now, take a look at what would make the tree pop this year. You'll know when you see your tree what comes next.
  • If you already know exactly what you want, go ahead and shop early in the season for the best selection. Then, you can decorate all at once.

Explore Ornament Themes

Look for ornaments that reach new heights of artisanship to commemorate the season.

  • Winter white looks bring in exciting texture. These pieces can feature textures meant to recall glittering snowscapes or soft animal hides.
  • Beaded or jeweled ornaments bounce light from your tree and throughout the room for a gorgeous look.
  • Cute animals can add whimsy and remind you of pets.
  • Traditional red and green are perfect when building a solid collection you could even pass down one day.
  • Traditional silver and gold round out and harmonize the other colors of your decor for a seasonal style.

Pick Out A New Tree Skirt

As you continue to curate your collection of Christmas ornaments, pull the rest of the room together by choosing a beautiful tree skirt. Some people like a classic red knit to go with future ornaments as the years go by. Others like to choose a decorated style, like one with holly or mistletoe.

Consider versatility of style when selecting yours, so that your ornaments always look incredible with it.

Get Professional Interior Design Help from Holiday Concierge

Don't forget that Pottery Barn offers complimentary, professional interior design assistance from Design Crew Holiday Concierge. This service sends a design pro to your home to help you shop for ornaments, decor and more that mean so much to you and your family.