All Hanukkah

Decorating for Hanukkah gives you and your family a fun way of celebrating your faith and marking one of the most joyous occasions on the Jewish religious calendar. Whether you and your family light the candles with the traditional prayer on each of the eight nights or take a more casual approach to your celebrations, Pottery Barn’s elegant Hanukkah decor makes the occasion feel more special and festive. With options including elegant blue and white dinnerware, silver-accented formal dining accessories and menorah-themed decor, we’ll help you create a beautiful holiday setup in your home and add heirloom-quality pieces to your collection of entertaining supplies.

Gifts are a major part of the Hanukkah celebration for many families, and whether your family takes the seven small and one large gift approach or an alternative of your own creation, it pays to make your gift presentation a little more special with the right decor. You may choose a blue, white and silver or gold, blue and white theme depending on what color your family’s menorah is. At Hanukkah, you can also mix and match metallics to celebrate the richness of the Maccabee’s triumph. If you and your family enjoy playing with the dreidel or simply like to snack on some chocolate gelt coins without playing for them, incorporating gold to match the coin wrappers is a great way of making your Hanukkah decorations more cohesive.

Because Hanukkah is the festival of lights, you may choose to light non-ceremonial candles in addition to your menorah and Shabbat candles to give more of a flickering glow to your celebration. We offer a variety of different types of candles, including LED lights made of wax that have a realistic flicker. Place your decorative votives, tapers or pillars on accent tables and countertops along with festive decorative accents to give your whole home an inviting, celebratory glow that recalls the legends behind the holidays to remind kids of the miracle of the long-lasting lamp oil.

Does your Hanukkah celebration include dinner? Do you follow the tradition of eating fried food, heaping latkes and other fried delights onto platters for guests to munch on while you spin the dreidel and reminisce? Our selection of Hanukkah decor includes serving pieces that you’ll love to use at this special time of year. With designs inspired by Jewish iconography and elegant themes such as Tree of Life botanicals, these serving pieces are perfect for entertaining and for year-round display to reflect your family’s religious cultural influence and keep the spirit of Hanukkah alive in spring, summer and fall.

Pair your Hanukkah serving platter with blue and white patterned plates and metallic chargers in shades of silver or gold, giving an elegantly festive and refined color scheme to your dinner. Whether you have a single formal Shabbat dinner to accompany your Hanukkah celebration or you extend your party throughout the entire week, you can turn to our dinnerware selections to find the perfect table setting for your meal. Pair your blue and white dinnerware with sleek metallic-accented accessories such as salt and pepper shakers and condimenttraysthat you can fill with applesauce and sour cream to enhance your latkes.

To cap off your celebration, pick up some of our blue and white table linens to give the entire table a festive appearance from top to bottom. Choose from options such as deep blue velvet place mats or table runners, crisp white Belgian flax linen napkins and even some faux fur accent pieces to make your Hanukkah decor luxe and lush. Each family tends to have their own special traditions when it comes to the Jewish festival of lights, and we allow a wide variety of Hanukkah decor that allows you to pick and choose what you need to make your celebration fit in with family traditions both old and new.