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Thanksgiving Craft Ideas for Family Fun

Thanksgiving craft ideas give the family time to be together and have a little fun while the turkey is roasting in the oven. Gather the troops to the table and get ready to try some of these crafts that are practical and useful on Thanksgiving Day.

Make a Cornucopia

Use aluminum foil-lined paper to form the shape of a cornucopia. You might need several sheets. Stuff the inside with balls of newspaper to help hold the shape. Place the cornucopia on a cookie sheet, spray with a nonstick spray and cover it with frozen puff pastry sheets that have thawed. Brush with egg whites and bake in the oven. Once the puff pastry has browned, remove it from the oven and let it cool. Remove the newspaper and aluminum foil. Put it on a silver, pewter or wooden serving tray. You can use this as a centerpiece on the table for your Thanksgiving meal. Place a few autumnal candles around the centerpiece. Fill the cornucopia with sliced bread, biscuits or cornbread so it doubles as a bread basket.

Create Trees with Handprints

Young kids will love this craft. All you need is construction paper, scissors and glue. Let kids trace their hands on several different colors of paper. Using kid-friendly scissors they can cut out their handprints. Cut out the shape of a tree in brown paper. Glue the handprints around the top of the tree to look like branches of leaves. Frame the pictures and be sure to date the back. Display them each Thanksgiving.

Carve and Use a Pumpkin

Cut the top off a pumpkin and let the kids help you get the seeds out. Rinse the seeds, place in a baking dish. Sprinkle with seasoning salt and bake until they get toasted. This makes a healthy snack. The topless pumpkin can be filled with botanicals like a faux orchid, juniper or boxwood. The pumpkin filled with plants is a great accent to a front porch. Line the real pumpkin up with some decorative faux pumpkins and stack them on porch steps for a festive entrance.

Decorate Cookies

Bake a batch of sugar cookies and get orange, yellow and green icing. Let the family put icing on the cookies and add colorful sprinkles and chocolate shavings for toppings. Serve the cookies on a platter for a dessert that can be passed around the table. Everybody had a hand in it and now they can reap the rewards by tasting what they decorated.

Take a Nature Walk

Fall is a superb time for the family take a nature walk and get some fresh air. Take along some bags to collect acorns, pinecones and leaves. When you get back home let the kids paint the acorns and pinecones. Use wax paper to press leaves with an iron. The pressed leaves can be displayed on a bulletin board or taped proudly on the refrigerator. Fill a bowl with the painted acorns and pine cones. The pumpkin, antler and turkey bowls that we have at Pottery Barn would be ideal for showcasing the fabulous finds from your hike.

Brew Sun Tea

Find a sunny spot outside. Let the kids put a pitcher of water with tea bags in it on a table or TV tray in the sun. They can check on it periodically throughout the day to watch it gradually change color. Be sure to use a clear glass pitcher so the sun can shine through to heat the water. At the end of the day, the tea should be ready. Remove the tea bags and add sugar if you like it sweetened. Serve the tea garnished with lemon at your Thanksgiving family feast.