Thanksgiving Pillows for A Cozy Holiday

Thanksgiving pillows are exactly what you need to refine your holiday experience with family or friends. This is a holiday largely known for the nap taken after eating, so stock up on a row of throw pillows for the couch or an extra accent pillow for the chaise lounge. While these sophisticated selections may look crisp and stylish throughout the fall season, once Thanksgiving hits, don't be surprised if your loved ones have claimed a favorite pillow. With so many designs, it's easy to adorn your home with fall colors and motifs.

Autumnal Throw Pillows That Work All Season

Begin the fanfare of fall by putting out your Thanksgiving pillows. Even if you start early in the season, you can stay on trend with deep oranges, sage green plaids and interesting textures, like velvet appliqué or nubbly linen.

  • Get going with pumpkin designs. These beloved orange gourds are appropriate all season long. As soon as you feel the end of summer nights, feel free to start decorating with pumpkins.
  • Look for patterns that highlight a sense of the season. These might include herbaceous or earth tones, like sage, mushroom, bark or burnt orange hues. Plaid always feels like fall and makes it through winter for extra versatility.
  • Mix-and-match classic knife-edge pillows with lumbar styles. Knife-edge silhouettes are the square shapes with pointed corners. Lumber pillows fit snugly into your lower back for comfort and support.

New Trends in Accent Pillows

Explore what's new with Thanksgiving pillows to keep your home looking fresh and stylish every season. While many of the pillows you choose last season after season, you can maintain a curated interior aesthetic in your living, sitting or dining rooms when you update styles every year.

  • Plaid is always in style, but now buffalo check takes the stage alongside it. Buffalo check is almost rustic, but reminiscent of picnics and traditional flannel button-downs, too. Look for black and white to pair well with other decor.
  • Embrace texture. Appliqué goes upscale when you choose a fractal geometric overlay inspired by folk art. When you step back, the design is actually a pumpkin, already a cornerstone in your fall decor.
  • Other folk art influences keep Thanksgiving pillows interesting right now. Check out floral trellises, wide petaled blooms and uniform coloring of patterns.

Keeping Colors Fresh and Warm

As you choose new pillows for late fall, keep the colors of the season at the forefront. The look may be modern when you select updated styles, but some things hold true year after year. For something fresh, try a lavender or clay color that still keeps a golden or tan undertone. Otherwise, the traditional colors reign.