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Get Ready For Diwali
Get Ready For Diwali

How to Celebrate Diwali

In India, Diwali is one of the most important holidays of the year. It’s the equivalent of Christmas in the United States and honors the inner light protecting humans from spiritual darkness. The holiday’s name originates from the traditional row of clay lamps that Indians put out in October or November of each year and keep lit through the last harvest of the year. During this time, Indians open their doors and windows to welcome Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth. You can honor this holiday in many ways, including lighting candles and lining your walkway with lanterns.

At Pottery Barn, our decorative lighting collection offers plenty of inspiration. This page contains a mix of indoor- and outdoor-friendly products like beautiful hanging rain lights and wreath-shaped string lights. Whether you want to create a warm and welcoming vibe outside or string lights between interior rooms, you can find the right shimmering glass lights to give your home a welcoming and sophisticated feel. LED lights are good choices for saving energy and producing light. Multicolored bulbs add an element of fun and modernity to the party. A wire wreath on the front or side door makes a magical entrance.

For a festive interior, explore our indoor holiday decor collection. Here, you will find ideas for transforming your living room, dining room and kitchen into hospitable places for guests. Glass trees, which are powered by electricity, add a soft warm glow to the surrounding room. They also honor nature’s beauty. Covered galvanized candle displays create an enchanting light display in the chosen room. With a metallic vase on hand, you can dress up a room with pine boughs and holly leaves to honor the nature-centric component of this holiday.

Like other cold-weather celebrations, Diwali celebrations focus on warmth and hospitality. Our Diwali mantel decorating ideas range from mirrors and candles to festive garland. Visitors will be delighted by simple yet meaningful measures to make the room welcoming, like pine candles and lights hung from the mantel. Adding a fragrant and attractive garland filled with pine boughs brings the sight and smell of nature indoors. For safety and aesthetic appeal, consider getting a bright flameless candle. Put a sophisticated silver glitter tree above the fireplace for a festive look.

With our ornament displays, you can update the interior of any room easily. Trinkets like animal ornaments show respect to the natural world. You can also get neutral-tone drapes to make a room’s interior more inviting or get picture frames to highlight favorite trips and special friends tastefully.

Lighting aside, one of the most important components of Diwali is good food. Your table setting is an important part of the Diwali celebration. In addition to delicious food, you’ll want to make the table pretty and presentable for guests. Tiered plates are ideal for offering appetizers and decadent desserts. Dinnerware sets and napkins are some of the simplest and most effective ways to make a dinner table ready for show.

Does hosting a party sound initimidating? Luckily, this is where our holiday planning services come to the rescue! The holiday gift concierge service comes in handy when you are short on time to plan and prepare. With an expert staff ready to help out, just tell us what food, decorations and supplies you need, and we’ll take care of the details. All you need to do is schedule an appointment, and our team is there to help you make the big day go smoothly. Whether you need assistance getting one room ready, preparing the exterior or doing a last-minute home interior makeover, we are here for you.