Tips for Serving Halloween Candy Alternatives

Sweet treats usually take center stage on Halloween, but that doesn’t mean you need to jump on the sugar bandwagon. Serving up Halloween candy alternatives can be a great way to contribute to a happier, healthier neighborhood and can be just as fun as sugary treats. Plus, alternatives can be more inclusive; toys and sugar-free goodies can be appropriate options for kids with food allergies or special diets. There are lots of ideas to consider, and the right Halloween entertaining supplies can help you make this holiday just as fun without the added sugar.

Add Some Personal Flair

Packaged candy may be easy to serve, but it doesn’t really give you much of a chance to express yourself. Show off your talents as a chef by whipping up one of your favorite recipes and serving it on Halloween. If you aren’t much of a cook, you can still show off your creative side by displaying your alternative treats alongside some stunning Halloween decorations.

That being said, one of the biggest appeals of packaged Halloween candy is that it gives parents some peace of mind. They know what they’re getting and where it came from. You can still offer some of that reassurance when you serve up some tasty fresh fruit or homemade treats. Print out labels with your name and contact information and add them to your goodies. If you plan on serving something homemade, you can also print out an ingredients list to give allergy sufferers some peace of mind. Parents will likely appreciate this personal approach.

Dress It Up

Fresh fruit is sweet, but still filled with fiber and vitamins, which makes it a fantastic alternative to candy. If you want to boost its appeal with the kids, try giving it a makeover. You can use food-safe markers to draw faces on fruits such as oranges and grapefruit and add yarn hair for some extra giggles. Stickers are great for adding features to fruits such as apples and kiwis. You can also experiment with adding silly hats, feet and arms. Arrange your creations on a large platter so that everyone can see your efforts when you answer the door.

Serve Up Some Fun and Games

Instead of serving edible treats, you can help make this Halloween unforgettable with some trick-or-treating party accessories. Add small noisemakers, glow sticks, temporary tattoos, balloons or bubbles to your goodie bowls and hand these out in place of candy. Kids can play with these as they walk between houses for some extra festive fun.

Help Them Stay Hydrated

All that walking from house to house can be a workout, so serving up something to drink can be a welcome alternative to candy. Bottled water and sugar-free juice boxes both make excellent options. You can make these more festive by decorating them with your own custom labels. If you want to go the homemade route, whip up some hot apple cider, add it to your favorite Pottery Barn pitcher and serve it in paper cups.

Give the Gift of Creativity

Kids are naturally creative, so anything that lets them hone their artistic skills is likely to be a hit. You can give out packages of Halloween-themed stickers or bundle small coloring books with some crayons. If you’re feeling extra ambitious, you may even want to put together small activity kits to keep your trick-or-treaters busy long after the festivities have ended.

Choices, Choices

Whether you plan on handing out homemade treats, small toys or activity kits, adding an element of choice can help make your sugar-free Halloween more fun for everyone. Set up a small table on your porch or in your entryway and decorate it with a themed tablecloth or runner, gourds and other festive items. Invite kids and parents to pick and choose which goodies they want to take home with them.

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