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Christmas Decoration Ideas for Every Style

Share Christmas decoration ideas with friends and family as the season approaches so that your home is a reflection of the joy and warmth you feel inside. Most families have traditional decorations that come out every year, but you can still create a touch of novelty or modern style by adding select pieces to your collection of winter decor. This year, blend old and new favorites to design a welcoming scene of festivity.

Discovering Your Christmas Inspiration

Discover new ways to enhance your home for the holidays with designer Christmas inspiration. New trends this year include beloved motifs incorporated on a bigger scale. Think lots of extra lights, oversized greenery, full displays of ornaments and lots of decorative objects.

  • White, silver and gold looks take over from traditional winter white. While you may have selected a main metallic in the past, now you can go all out with the glitter, shimmer and light.
  • Personalized items have always had their place at the holidays. Christmas decoration ideas for this year now include lots of bold initials--on stockings and dangling as ornaments from trees.
  • Take inspiration from a wider range of colors now. Look for pieces in remarkable ice blue to complement crystal and white colors or reconfigure your use of black to show off brighter decor.

Creating Holiday Tableaus

To start having fun with your Christmas decor, build tableaus throughout your home. These defined scenes tell a decorative story and help call out entryways, hallways, corners of larger rooms or shelves and mantels.

  • Your mantel is the most obvious place to create a holiday tableau. Hang your stockings and add greenery and ornamentation from there.
  • Create a doorway full of cheer for the neighbors to admire and to greet guests and family upon arriving home.
  • Decorate staircases, banisters, hallway consoles and other passage areas in your home.

Traditional Decorations for Your Home

You probably already have at least a box or two of traditional decorations. Work with what you have and add from there.

  • Take a peek at your holiday place settings before the season starts. If anything needs replacing, do it now.
  • Curate around what you own to include new bowls, extra serving pieces, fresh kitchen towels and more.
  • Do the same with your ornaments and decorative objects. Replace what's worn beyond good use or fill out what you still love.
  • Keep shopping throughout the season as you build your scenes or decorate certain areas.

Modernizing Christmas Favorites

Bring your Christmas decor current with a few new pieces. This season is about tradition, so even modern pieces call upon the classics. Look for glass, LED lights, thick garlands and more to adorn your rooms and outdoors.