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Stock Up On Holiday Barware For The Best Party Ever

Start planning the best holiday party yet with all the holiday barware you need for a night to remember. When entertaining family and friends, you'll keep the good times flowing with all the right glasses and bar tools on hand.

Glassware and Stemware Are Essentials

There are a few types of glasses that everyone needs. Stock your bar with these essentials.

  • White wine glasses are tall, yet somewhat narrow for sweeter wines.
  • Red wine glasses have wide bowls to allow full-bodied wine to release aromas and flavor.
  • Champagne flutes are a New Year’s Eve must-have and let the bubbles rise when you pour.
  • Rocks glasses are for mixed drinks that include a spirit and a mixer with ice.
  • Cocktail or martini glasses serve colorful cocktails or frozen drinks.

All The Bar Tools You Need to Entertain

Once you've handled the essentials, expand your barware to include necessary bar tools.

  • A jigger measures spirits. Monitor your pours with room for generosity.
  • Muddlers crush fresh ingredients to mix into drinks.
  • Shakers let you shake up your cocktail ingredients so the flavors of your drink blend as they're meant to.
  • Strainers help you pour a consistently textured cocktail into a glass after shaking.
    • Other Bar Accessories Let Guests Serve Themselves

      As your party continues, guests are likely to relax and want to relieve you of hosting duties, so you can join all the fun you planned. Self-serve accessories make this easier for everyone.

    • Wine coasters hold opened bottles of wine on tabletops. Look for marble ones to keep wine cool.
    • Party buckets hold several bottles of spirits or wine. Fill a bucket and keep bottles cold and accessible.
    • Ice buckets let guests grab ice for their drinks with tongs. Keep a few around when entertaining.
    • Pitchers let you set out pre-made holiday punches for everyone to enjoy.
      • New Year’s Wine Glasses and Champagne Flutes

        If you're throwing a New Year's party, remember to have enough Champagne flutes on hand. You'll want everyone involved in the toast and they'll be impressed you thought of all the details with your holiday barware.