When it comes to the perfect Thanksgiving dinner, the turkey is just the tip of the iceberg. Pottery Barn’s Thanksgiving dinnerware & serveware gives you just what you need to host a charmingly elegant, festive feast for this food-focused holiday. From autumnal motifs to classic silhouettes, our Thanksgiving entertaining and dining selections let you pick and choose the elements you want to include in your celebrations for the ideal ambience. You can add some updated elements to your collection of formal entertaining pieces or start from scratch with our themed serveware and dinnerware.

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to host a warm and cozy yet special and elegant dinner party. The crisp autumn air and carpet of gorgeous, flame-hued leaves outside creates the perfect atmosphere for an inviting indoor gathering. Whether you’re hosting a small dinner for your immediate family or a large dinner party for dozens of relatives, friends and colleagues, we have everything you need to create a consistent autumnal theme for your Thanksgiving dinner. Pick out some of our pumpkin-printed plates and turkey-shaped serving platters to accompany a selection of copper-colored accessories and you’ll have a gorgeous tablescape setup.

No matter which level of formality you prefer for your Thanksgiving dinner, there are several different ways to present your table, from a relaxed modern approach to a traditional formal scenario. Mix and match different pieces to create the exact effect you want. Ultimately, you want your Thanksgiving guests to walk away from the table not only full of good food but also happy and satisfied with an enjoyable social experience. The right decor helps set the mood in your dining room, allowing your guests to feel at ease with the tone of the evening.

If you prefer a more restrained approach to holiday meal presentation, we have gorgeous white serveware and dinnerware pieces for you to use in tandem with festive Thanksgiving decor. If you’re aiming for formality, use some of our all-season formal dinnerware pieces mixed with taper candleholders and a floral centerpiece that picks up the vibrant colors of the season. Mix in a few bright pops of autumnal color by providing colored cloth napkins or a sleek metallic charger plate at each place setting.

Holiday dinner presentations are often about more than just what’s on your table. Having good food and festive decor in the dining room can make a huge difference in the celebratory nature of the event, but it can be just as important to incorporate fun little festive touches throughout the house. Greet your guests at the door with a tasteful holiday display, either in the form of a wreath or small garland on your front door or a beautiful autumnal bouquet on a table in your entryway. Setting the tone right away can make the decorative impact of your Thanksgiving dinnerware & serveware seem more cohesive and carefully considered.

When it comes down to it, though, the dinner is the main event of a Thanksgiving gathering, so having the right dinnerware available for each guest is a must-have item on your prep to-do list. Think about how many courses you want to serve and what style of dinner you want to present. Are you going to have family-style dishes on the table or a buffet set up on an adjacent dining room console? Do you plan to serve a pre-plated portion for each course? These considerations should play a part in the dinnerware you choose; if you want to serve a multi-course meal family style, a stacked place setting starting with an appetizer or salad plate on top is your best bet. For plated meals, skip this approach so you can easily place plates in front of each guest.

No matter which dinner presentation style you choose, have some table linens on hand to go underneath it all. For a more rustic or casual presentation, a festive table runner and some colorful placemats can provide perfect enhancement for your Thanksgiving dinnerware & serveware. Choose what works best for your taste so you can enjoy your Thanksgiving meal alongside your guests.