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Pre-Lit Christmas Trees Bring Joy to Your Home

Enjoy the season with pre-lit Christmas trees. These beauties bring a special gleam to your home and last all season long with very little care from you. Their deep green branches and consistently draped lights create a celebratory look that's polished, yet natural. Let these easy, long-lasting trees become a simple, noteworthy part of your Christmas traditions year after year.

What Are Pre-Lit Christmas Trees?

Pre-lit Christmas trees are decorations that look just like the natural trees you might use to decorate around the winter holidays. They're a low-key alternative to choosing, cutting, transporting and caring for a real tree.

  • Artificial trees mimic the appearance of real Christmas trees, which are usually pine or fir variants. Your pre-lit style has the same conical shape and needle-like leaves that lay flat along branches.
  • Your pre-lit tree features even fullness all the way around so that it looks lush and uniform from any direction. These trees make great centerpieces in a foyer or the center of your living room.
  • The lights are already placed evenly throughout the branches for you. Your tree's lights are free of tangles.
  • All you have to do is assemble the branches easily into the tree's trunk. When the season changes, pack it up again for next year.

Why Your Home Needs Artificial Christmas Trees

Every home can benefit from the beauty of artificial Christmas trees. With so many high-quality selections available now, it's quick and easy to integrate at least one or two into your home.

  • These trees require no care from you. Just plug them in when you want to enjoy the lights and unplug at night when the party is over or it's time for bed.
  • They look just as gorgeous as the real versions. Integrate them into your personal Christmas style for a low-maintenance way to keep your decor on trend every year.
  • Raised lower boughs leave tons of room for cheerful touches, like pretty tree skirts or a ton of lovingly-wrapped presents.

Decorating Your Pre-Lit Tree

Decorate your pre-lit trees just like you would any other trees. Many people opt to order several of these trees so that they can decorate them throughout the home, or put on a porch or other indoor-outdoor spaces.

  • Choose ornaments for each tree based on where you place it.
  • Since the tree is pre-lit with white lights, you might want to decorate one in winter white and joyful silvers.
  • Keep with tradition and choose red, green and other metallics to match the classic realism of your tree.
  • Leave the branches unadorned to focus on the beauty of the lights. Top it instead with a gorgeous topper that you can pull out every year.

If you find yourself falling for the ease of these trees, mix-and-match decorating styles for a holiday forest of light.