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At Pottery Barn, we help you ring in the most special time of year with holiday ornaments and trim that get your home into the holiday spirit. We know that often, you love to decorate your tree in a specific style or color so we make it easy to find the exact pieces you need for a stunning home. From ornaments that bring back memories of your childhood to hobby-themed designs, we have what you need. Our bottle brush ornaments add a bit of texture to your tree while mimicking the look and feel of pine cones and pine needles for a natural touch.

Evoke the essence of Christmas spent at grandma’s house with nostalgic ornaments that bring back the wonder of the season. Felt ornaments look like traditional heirlooms grandma used to knit or make herself to adorn the tree. These ornaments are particularly suited for homes with small children since the can touch and explore without the danger of breaking them. Red ball ornaments add a classy, traditional touch while cardinals inspire the look of nature that is ripe this time of year. Holly garland adds a seasonal touch while frame ornaments let you capture a moment in time, such as a child’s baby picture or graduation, to celebrate each year.

Our collection of artisanal vintage ornaments turn each piece into a story that you can share with your friends. Typically handmade, these ornaments weave stories of ancient traditions into their very fibers. Our bottlebrush ornaments are created by a handful of master artisans that complete different parts of the handiwork, such as trimming, staining and painting. Each figure features a unique charm and personality to create a holiday piece that will be treasured for years. Vintage mercury ornaments are made of painted glass with glitter embellishments and can be hung on the tree or placed in vases and bowls for casual yet festive decor.

If you love the beach or simply enjoy decking out your beach house with local designs, you’ll love our coastal ornaments. Take inspiration from the Pacific Ocean with glass seal ornaments or get ideas from the North Pole itself with a narwhal ornament that adds whimsy and wonder to your tree. Jeweled anchor ornaments add a nautical vibe while starfish and angelfish ornaments create an under-the-sea theme. Jump into the style feet first with a bubble garland that is sure to impress all of your loved ones. From octopi to jellyfish to lobster, you’re sure to find a coastal creature you love.

Get festive on land with our woodland chic ornaments that inspire winter cabin and ski lodge designs. Scene ornaments add intricate style to your tree featuring entire landscapes of reindeer and natural backdrops all within a gorgeous ball. Pine cones and mushrooms are traditional characters in woodland decor while wooden skis and owls add a classic backcountry feel. Glitter house ornaments are a terrific representation of life in the woodland with acorn garland adding the ultimate natural finish.

If you need a holiday gift for a loved one, our hobby and travel ornaments are the ideal solution. A golf bag ornament will delight the men and women in your life that enjoy walking all 18 holes. For the loved one who adores travel, icons from across the globe, such as London telephone booths and the Eiffel Tower are sure to tickle their fancy. Travel-inspired ornaments from passports and globes are sure to inspire them to tackle the next adventure. Cruise ship and fishing ornaments are ideal for water lovers and make their hobbies take center stage during this magical season. For a religious- or faith-based gift, nativity ornaments are the highlight of the season and bring joy to any Christmas tree.