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Outdoor Lighting

If you’re planning to entertain during spring or summer on your patio or deck, you may have a party or two that extends late into the evening. Whether you’re all gathered for a night under the stars or are having an evening backyard barbecue, some decorative but useful lighting can help guide the way and set the scene for you, your family and your guests. For all of the summer nights you plan to enjoy outdoors by yourself, with a significant other or with friends, you might also want some lighting that casts a beautiful glow while you’re relaxing, chatting and maybe enjoying a dip in the pool. And, even when summer turns to autumn, the gentle illumination from your outdoor lighting can set a welcoming scene for the cozy seasons ahead. When it comes to outdoor lighting and string lights, Pottery Barn features a wealth of different styles and fixtures that make it a breeze to dress up your outdoor space with the same elegance that’s featured in the inside of your home.

You may want lighting that you’ll get to enjoy all the time, not just during get-togethers . For example, having purposeful but decorative lighting by your front door helps you gain entry at night, and it also allows guests and visitors to see the front of your home. Much more aesthetically pleasing than a standard floodlight, consider hanging pendants that are easily installed into the roof of your front porch or stoop. They’re an exceptional way to light the night, and you can choose from different shapes and styles, such as stars, classic lanterns and glass boxes. These hanging lights not only do your front door justice, but they also complement your backyard. Hang a set of multiple pendant lights from the overhang of your patio or deck or from your back porch to brighten the space.

Another simple way to light up pathways, your deck or your pool area at night is to install outdoor sconces. Carefully constructed to endure all weather situations, these sconces hold up well to the elements while looking great. Install them by your front or back door or on a garage or shed to give yourself helpful lighting when it’s pitch black outside.

For a bold statement, opt for an indoor/outdoor chandelier. These pieces work incredibly well when hanging from an outdoor porch or overhang, and they can be an exceptional accompaniment to an outdoor dinner party, adding a touch of classic elegance to every meal. Specially made to be used indoors or out to withstand the elements, choose from classic-style chandeliers, ring chandeliers or chandeliers made from recycled glass for a luxurious and environmentally friendly look. Similar to chandeliers, large hanging pendants also have the ability to enliven your outdoor space. Hang them from roofs or overhangs to add spectacular light to your get-togethers or barbecues. Choose from large globe pendants, hanging lantern pendant lights or pendants with nautical themes to match your outdoor decor. Larger lantern sconces also pair well with hanging lanterns, and these are easily installed on the side of your home, garage or shed area.

Beyond hanging lanterns and pendants, sometimes you need an extra bit of twinkling light, especially when you’re entertaining. Choose delicate yet joyful string lights to add just the right ambience to your nighttime get-together or barbecue. Look for bulb-shaped lights, fairy lights and LED string lights to light up the night sky. Useful and versatile, these indoor/outdoor lights look great during any season and can even become part of your holiday decorations when winter comes around. Alternatively, you can place string lights in your enclosed porch or mudroom and turn them on when the mood strikes, especially when you’re holding indoor parties or indoor/outdoor dinners. String lights in your enclosed space help add a beach-like, nautical feel and are a great lighting solution to use all year long.