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Fair Trade Certified

Fair Trade Certified products ensure fair and safe labor practices. For every Fair Trade product sold, we
pay a premium that goes back to a committee of workers so they can invest in local initiatives.

Invest in the Future with Fair Trade Furniture

Fair trade furniture is the future--especially for the communities that benefit from stronger trade deals for their unique materials, beautiful designs and fine craftsmanship. When you see furnishings and home decor that are certified as fair trade, you can rest assured that the people who made these pieces are fairly compensated and more. At Pottery Barn, many pieces that are specially certified as fair trade are also sustainable in other ways, like how they're sourced or whether materials are organic, recycled or reclaimed.

What Is Fair Trade Furniture?

Fair trade furniture refers to respectful, safe treatment of those who make your home furnishings. A lot of furniture around the world today is made by people in communities that may be at a disadvantage when it comes to trade. A certification of fair trade means the deal didn't take advantage of obvious global power differentials and that the people who made your furnishings did so under safe conditions.

It's a promise and proof that humanity and reinvestment in communities remains important.

  • Fair trade means workers are producing fair trade bedding, home decor and furniture in safe environments.
  • This is especially important when rare materials are sourced from certain countries only or when a skill set is concentrated in a far-off community.
  • Rates of production remain sustainable for communities, so they can continue to work in a healthy, balanced environment for years to come.
  • When you select Fair Trade Certified pieces for your home, Pottery Barn pays a premium for each product to the workers' committee that made your furniture. This premium is reinvested in local initiatives.

Replacing Your Furnishings Thoughtfully

As you see the need to replace your furnishings, consider the positive impact of fair trade furniture. By deciding to invest in these pieces, you help create a world of good.

  • Fair trade furnishings are priced the same way as other furniture of the same caliber. You don't pay more for doing the right thing.
  • All furniture is exactly the same high quality you've come to expect from Pottery Barn. In some instances, it's even more unique, thanks to handcrafted elements.
  • Shop for beds, side tables, nightstands, coffee tables, dining sets and more.

Shopping for Fair Trade Home Decor

Look for home decor that satisfies your interest in fair trade and sustainable shopping. Choose from industrial-style kitchen carts, cottage-inspired glass lamps, rustic bathroom storage, post-modern home office desks and recycled yarn rugs.

With fair trade and sustainably sourced choices, you can curate a gorgeous, ethical home across every room.