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From antique zinc wall organization products that gives a space an elegant touch to the versatility of metallic and wooden wall organizing features, creating a home that fits your sense of style is a fun experience. At Pottery Barn, we are pleased with the large wall organization items we have to offer. Whether dressing up a home or office or organizing your whole home, you will never run out of ideas when creating a home that is both beautiful and inviting.

Managing a household of schedules can get confusing. Our collection of pinboards and chalkboards offers the means of keeping everyone on track. Available in many different sizes and designs, chalkboards can be hung with ease in entryways, home offices, bedrooms or kitchens around the home. Using chalkboards to write out directions for babysitters or creating to-do lists for members of the home ensures everyone is on the same page. Why not accent an earthy room design with chalkboards and pinboards crafted from natural materials like wood? For added convenience, selecting a magnetic whiteboard calendar allows you to mark out the days of the week while penning out instructions for the planned activities are all possibilities that keep the complexities of life simplified.

Everyone has those precious photographs that get shoved in closets or photo albums when you have no place to display them. Placing ledges and shelves in your home from our all wall organization collection solves this problem for you. From elegance to rustic, our various designs of ledges and shelves build upon the theme you are trying to build in each room of your home. The durability of the craftsmanship that goes into each ledge and shelf allows you to feel confident that the products won╩╝t break down in time under the weight of your decorative pieces. The added lip of the ledges we offer keeps your photo frames and delicate decor from sliding off.

Looking for simple ways to liven up a room? Placing one of our wall mirrors in the space will do the trick. Our wall mirrors come in a variety of sizes, shapes and designs. Hanging wall-mounted jewelry mirrors in your bedroom gives you that added space for storing all your necklaces, rings, bracelets and watches away from prying eyes that may enter the home. Wall mirrors that feature shelves and hooks are the ideal way to add a decorative touch to smaller spaces of your home or office. These decorative wall organization pieces give you added storage space and provide the means to accentuate the design of the room in a subtle way.

If you are at a loss of how to breathe life into an entryway, the answers are clear when shopping from our wall organization collection. Our entryway accessories include cube shelves, coat racks and rows of hooks that open up endless possibilities even with the most limited space. Mixing and matching pieces created mainly for entryways give you the ability to create a design in the space that never grows tiring. The neutral finishes of many of our entryway accessories ensure that even when you change the design of the room, you are still able to utilize the products within our collection with a flawless finished look and feel.

Adding decorative hooks to your home is a quick way of incorporating a decorative focal point while increasing the organization within the room. Our wall organization items include letter hooks for hanging coats, hats or simple decorative touches. Placing wall hook racks at different levels offers easy access for children. Using the hooks to hold lanterns creates an instant source of lighting for a dark area of your room. There is no shortage of ideas for organizing and decorating your home with all the wall organization products available at your fingertips.

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