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Browse Smart Bathroom Organizers at Pottery Barn

Your kitchen is likely the hub of activity in your home and a place where people gather for quick breakfasts, family dinners and late night snacks. Your bathroom, especially if you share it with other members of your family, is also an epicenter of activity. Unfortunately for many bathroom spaces though, this activity means that your space gets cluttered and messy in a day or less.

You don't have to live with a chaotic bathroom. What you need is smart bathroom storage solutions that will work in marvelous master suites, powder rooms and those shared bathrooms everyone in the house uses. Keep reading to learn more about shopping for bathroom organizers at Pottery Barn.

What Kinds of Bathroom Organizers Can I Buy?

Who says your bathroom can't be a space you love to spend time relaxing in? Say goodbye to that get in and get out mentality with bathroom organizers and storage options that make your bathroom feel refined and far less cluttered. Here are a few popular picks you can find at Pottery Barn now:

  • Wall mount shelving. Available in a wide range of sizes, wall mount shelving lets you store just what you need on any open wall. Look for floating glass shelves or multi-shelf options so you can add serious storage to your bathroom space.
  • Over-the-toilet storage. Tight spaces can be hard to outfit and in a lot of homes, the bathroom is one of the tightest of all. Get the storage you need without taking up floor space with an over-the-toilet organizer. Look for models with two or three shelves to stack essentials and showcase your favorite accessories.
  • Freestanding linen closets. Need more storage than wall mount shelving or over the toilet options can give you? Freestanding linen closets give you drawers, doors and more. They're ideal for holding towels, bath products, hair dryers and anything else you reach for regularly.
  • Wall cabinets. Add style to your space and keep items like deodorant and medicine out of view to clear clutter. Look for mirrored styles or go for a simple wood or metal wall cabinet to add texture to your room.
  • Hooks and racks. Great for towels, robes and steaming that shirt before you rush out the door for a meeting, hooks and racks add an exciting touch to your bathroom decor. Look for styles that match your faucets and fixtures for a designer-inspired look.
  • Hampers and laundry baskets. You can't expect to be organized if you've got dirty towels and clothes all over the floor. Make laundry day easier and keep your bathroom clean with an assortment of hampers and laundry baskets from Pottery Barn.

Make your bathroom into the most organized space in the house with bathroom organizers and shelves from Pottery Barn. You can also find a range of small items like soap dispensers, hardware and more that can dramatically improve your bathroom's look without spending a fortune.