Organization Everyday Values

At Pottery Barn, we know that style and value are important to you. With our Organization Everyday Values, you can get your hands on exquisite furniture and organizers to keep your home in tip-top shape without breaking the bank. Stay on top of storage and organization in your home with items that add everyday value. Whether you live alone in a small apartment or share a large house with a busy family, we have storage solutions to meet your needs.

From the moment guests step foot in your home, you want to greet them with organization and style. Often, the entryway can be cluttered and crowded since it’s a room most people pass through on the way to more important places and activities. Clutter in the entryway can make the rest of the home feel stuffy and overwhelming. Keep things in check by placing a storage bench at the front door where you can store shoes in the convenient cubbies and place backpacks and bags on the top. For smaller spaces, an entryway console is a terrific option to keep bags and essentials tucked away neatly out of sight.

Add accessories storage in the entryway, home office and bedroom. A mirror organizer featuring shelves and a rack below keep your favorite coats and accessories hidden away yet right within reach. Place it in the entryway so you can catch one last glimpse before heading out the door or put one in your closet to help you select the best accessories. If you have a lot of clothes and your closet is bursting, opt for a clothing rack that can elegantly display your favorite pieces, just like the stylists do at Fashion Week. A coat rack adds instant style to your space and a welcoming touch to guests with generous arms to hold all of your winter gear.

Use bins and baskets when you need versatile storage in rooms throughout the house. Add baskets to open cubbies to create a stylish look that keeps unsightly items neatly concealed. Opt for underbed storage to increase capacity without taking up extra floor space. Our underbed storage baskets are available in canvas and woven styles and feature easy to grip side handles so you can pull them out when needed. Add texture and dimension to your home with oversized baskets that take center stage in your home. For large entryways, add bins and baskets to your front doors so you can store winter gear, such as gloves, goggles and scarves, in a convenient spot.

Households with kids benefit from wall organization tools, such as cubbies. Have each child place his or her backpack into a cubby so they always grab what they need before heading out the door. For homes without children, you can use wall cubbies and file bins to organize incoming and outgoing mail. Add a chalkboard or dry-erase board to easily scribble notes to other family members or write inspirational sayings to get you through the day.

Organization is made simple with shelves and ledges that can be used to hold decorative objects as well as odds and ends. A hook-and-shelf unit is at home right beside the door, and you can use the hooks to hang your bags and scarves and the shelf to store keys. We make it easy for you to keep your bike neatly stored whether you live in an apartment or are trying to clear out the garage. Get your prized bicycle off the floor and put it on display with a shelf that saves space and keeps your bike from being knocked over. There’s even room on the shelf above for a helmet and other necessities. Available in contemporary and rustic styles, you’re sure to find a shelf and hook combo to suit your interior design.