Dry Erase Boards

Keeping track of every daily detail can be challenging. Whether you’re at the helm of a busy family or you’re a student trying to juggle a full schedule of classes, dry erase boards are one solution that can help you keep everything in order. Mount the dry erase board in a spot where you will see it so you can update it daily, and watch the details fall into place easily.

One of the best things about the dry erase boards we have available at Pottery Barn is that you can modify them into whatever works for you. Use your board as a daily to-do list, write down assignments, keep track of library books or use it as a magnetic calendar. The dry erase surface doubles as both a writing surface and a magnetic one where you can affix notes and receipts. Imagine creating a command central in your kitchen with a dry erase board that features a magnetic calendar system. Family members won’t ever have to ask what’s going on each day when they can simply glance at the whiteboard quickly. You could also leave notes for each other as you come and go. A dry erase board often becomes an ideal accessory that you mount on the wall in spaces like above modular entryway furniture. As family members grab their coats and backpacks, they can check out the calendar to know what’s coming up in the day ahead.

You won’t have any problems fitting a magnetic whiteboard calendar into your rooms with their existing decor. These calendar systems are available with either espresso or rustic mahogany finishes so they mesh easily with their surroundings. Give some thought to whether a white or black surface finish works better for you. With a black finish, you can use a chalk pen for adding notes. With a standard white surface, you have the option of using a wide array of dry erase marker colors. You could even coordinate colors with tea towels and place mats in your kitchen.

Mounting a dry erase board in a home office is a popular choice. Whether you opt for the calendar system or need something with a few more options, you can instill order in your home life instantly. Some of our dry erase boards offer a winning combination of whiteboard surface with a galvanized iron shelf. Use the shelf to hold pens or other office supplies in your home office. Installed on the wall above your desk as a part of full modular office systems, you’ll have a winning arrangement.

Other whiteboards we offer are at home in more than just a home office. These dry erase boards can also serve an important purpose in the laundry room, helping you keep track of important details. The galvanized shelf is suitable for holding odds and ends that you remove from clothing pockets before washing the clothing. The shelf and whiteboard is also an ideal addition to go along with your other laundry accessories, such as baskets and hampers.

Anyplace where you can benefit from a personal assistant, whiteboards can serve an important purpose. From bedrooms to living areas to a garage, whiteboards are a highly functional solution. The light and clean appearance of whiteboards means that they mesh easily with their surroundings. You can mount one in the rec room near bar furniture to keep track of your liquor inventory.

Combining style with fluid organization is always a win, and we want to partner with you to make sure you meet your goals. Whiteboards move with you through your days, weeks and months, helping you keep track of all of the most important details.