Rows of Hooks

Keeping a family organized demands creativity in some cases. At Pottery Barn, we firmly believe that anytime you combine organization with style, everyone wins. That’s the beauty of our rows of hooks. Not only are these hooks the ideal place to hold a busy family’s items but they also infuse a distinctive style into your living areas.

When you’re decorating an upscale area that needs a stylish touch, how about an understated row of wire hooks? Our double wire hooks have an engaging looped design that adds a certain flair to them. The black-finished iron would be right at home in a laid-back kitchen or even a child’s bedroom. If you mount the hooks low enough by bedside tables and dressers, you might even succeed in teaching children to hang up their coats and hoodies.

Some rows of hooks have a beautiful distressed look, making them ideal for a mudroom or a hallway. Rustic wood and hooks in an aluminum finish could be the ideal spot for hanging backpacks and tote bags for the whole family. Mounted in an entryway, hooks can serve alongside entryway storage benches to keep your family neat and organized.

Some families like to designate specific hooks for each family member so everyone has a spot to hang belongings. These hooks could become an integral part of your family’s entryway system with cubbies, towers, shelves and more. Imagine how nice it will be to eliminate the mad scramble in the morning when everyone can go directly to their hooks to retrieve their items before leaving the house.

If wall space is at a premium in your house, perhaps a vertical wall-mounted set of hooks would be ideal. These hooks use up less vertical space yet the hooks project out from the center so you can hang a variety of items from the rows of hooks easily. In the bathroom, use vertical hooks to hold bathrobes. You might even install a hook system like this in the laundry room to help with much-needed organization. When used along with laundry and hamper baskets, you’ll have a tidy laundry room that serves your family well.

Organization need not be dull or boring when you add distinctive and functional pieces like rows of hooks to your rooms. Whether you choose systems that feature only hooks, or you incorporate additional storage, such as cubbies, bins and shelving, the finished result promises to be appealing.