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Mixed Material Outdoor Furniture

Getting ready for the spring and summer is a lot of fun, even when you’re just starting the planning process. From deciding on family vacations after the kids are out of school to having your first backyard barbecue of the season, summer is about fun, relaxation and having good times with friends. If you plan to throw a few get-togethers during the course of the season, it’s a helpful idea to begin planning ahead of time for all the excitement and entertaining in store. From cleaning the pool to creating relaxing spaces outdoors, there are a lot of ways to spruce up the outside of your house well before that first day of summer vacation. And, there are many different types of outdoor furniture that are great for lounging, dining, entertaining and more. If you’re trying to choose the type of material and construction you’d like for your outdoor set, when you shop Pottery Barn, there’s no reason to limit yourself to one motif! Our mixed material outdoor furniture lets you select the best of many worlds, featuring multi-layer construction with wicker, wood, metal and more. With many different styles and types of outdoor furniture to choose from, you’re bound to find the one that completely enlivens your deck, patio or backyard.

Outdoor dining is so enjoyable in the summer, and your patio or backyard, is the ideal spot in which to entertain guests and loved ones. Certain types of wood and wicker stand up excellently to the elements. With low-maintenance, all-weather construction used to craft your dining ensemble, it works well to feature a solid wood table with wicker dining chairs. The natural hue of wicker will not fade or degrade over time, lending a subtle and casual elegance to your backyard for years to come. For an exceptional splash of color, you can add patterned or colored slipcovers to wicker furniture. Use blue if you’re fancying a nautical theme, or sunburst yellow or bright red for a joyful summer barbecue. Versatile wicker chairs allow you the option to change their look as often as you want.

There are certainly other outdoor dining options when it comes to mixed materials. A high-top wooden bar table is intimate and great for seating just a few guests. Place these styles in the corners of your deck or patio for an outdoor bar or tiki bar-like feel, promoting a mood of celebration. Match these tables with durable metal chairs to complete your look. Resistant to rust, wear and tear, metal chairs and tables endure the changing seasons very well and are a sleek, welcome addition to your patio or outdoor space.

To explore further dining options, an outdoor bench with seating or an outdoor bench set is a great way to enjoy a casual afternoon. Giving off the feeling as if you’re in a park at a picnic, table and bench dining sets easily complement your existing furniture and decor. If you’re having a fairly large party, dining bench sets are also a great way to let all of the kids sit together, picnic-style. Look for dining benches with durable mixed construction, such as wood and concrete, for durability through the years.

Add a matching mixed material bar or console table to your porch or patio to take outdoor entertaining up a notch. Use console or buffet tables as drink stations and outdoor bars, or use them as storage to stow your outdoor necessities. In addition, you can add portable bars on wheels or actual bar seating to your patio or deck. Made of solid wood and concrete, these items easily stand up to the elements during every season so you can enjoy outdoor entertaining well into the cooler months.