Indoor/Outdoor Rugs

Indoor/outdoor rugs are among the best choices in home accessories if you want a versatile floor covering that works well as a decorative element both inside and outside your home. This type of rug easily withstands exposure to the elements while at the same time providing you with the aesthetics and softness that you require. While rugs aren’t as common for outdoor spaces as those specifically for indoor use, having them adorn your patio, porch or deck adds more character and visual texture to these areas. Because the style standards when it comes to indoor/outdoor rugs for outdoor spaces are more flexible, our offerings of these items include a highly diverse mix of designs, patterns, color and sizes. Just like other items we offer at Pottery Barn, our indoor/outdoor rugs have exceptional construction using only choice materials.

As you can expect, the primary materials for our indoor/outdoor rugs are synthetic fibers, which undergo treatment to make the material more resistant to sun exposure, heat and moisture. Staying true to our environmental commitment to leave as little ecological footprint as possible, the synthetic fibers in our indoor/outdoor rugs are often crafted from recycled plastic or recycled polyester yarn. Other advantages of using synthetic indoor/outdoor materials is that they tend to have more vibrant colors and are lightweight, easier to dry when wet and easier to maintain overall. Indoor/outdoor rugs also an alternative to certain indoor counterparts, such as wool rugs, traditional rugs and natural fiber rugs.

As with rugs that are exclusively for indoor use, the standards apply to indoor/outdoor rugs when it comes to sizing. For instance, the usual advice when picking out a rug size for the living room is that the rug should go under the front two legs of all the seating furniture, such as sofas and sectionals. This means that your indoor/outdoor rug should also be large enough to go under all your lounge furniture in an outdoor room. Alternatively, if you have a outdoor dining furniture, pick a rug size that’ll frame both the table and the chairs. Add about a foot or more to the edge of the rug so that the chair will still be within the frame of the rug, even with diners occupying the seating.

When it comes to picking the style for your indoor/outdoor rug, the design you choose should act like a canvas and an anchor to bring all the visual elements, such as the seats and table, together. It could also inject a vibrant color you love – rugs provide a great opportunity to brighten a space. If your outdoor furniture has cushions, choose a color within a shade or two of the upholstery fabric to create a stunning monochromatic look that blends different tones of your favorite hue. As for the type of rug pattern that you choose, should you opt for one, anything goes! Keep your own taste in mind. Go for stripes if you want to create a bright, color-block look, or choose a pattern to add texture to your space indoors and out.

Indoor/outdoor rugs are solid choices for floor covering inside your home. The short pile and durable construction make them ideal for heavy-traffic areas, such as the living room or entryway. Because they come in more vibrant colors and are easier to clean, they also make suitable floor coverings for your childʼs play area. The absence of natural fibers also means that they’re less likely to exacerbate any allergies. Consider using a rug pad under you indoor/outdoor rug; this will give it softer and more comfortable cushioning underfoot. Rug pads also do a solid job of keeping rugs in place securely.