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At Pottery Barn, we know that when you have a specific design in mind for a room, you’re probably thinking about more than just what color palette you want to use. Often, your objective is to create a certain ambience. You want to transport your guests – and yourself too – to a different time or place as soon as you walk into the space. That’s an awesome goal and is absolutely doable. How? Well, each piece of decor plays its own part, almost as if you’re designing a backdrop for a movie. Light fixtures, furniture, artwork and home accents all give clues about your vision for the space. Area rugs have an especially strong effect on a room’s vibe. Here are a few ways you can express yourself artistically with area rugs, whether you’re decorating for a bedroom, living room, dining room, office, entryway or other space. Our rugs sale makes it even easier to add just the touch you have in mind.

One thing that helps you maximize the effect of a rug is to think of it as a piece of furniture, similar to a coffee table, sofa or sectional. The reason for that is because rugs tend to naturally attract your attention. In an entryway, for example, a colorful runner is usually what people see first, even before they notice extra layers like console tables, mirrors or a sparkling chandelier. When you think of your area rug as furniture, it helps you to decide where you want to place it so it gets noticed. It also helps you decide on a size and shape. A good rule of thumb – though you can definitely improvise if you want – is the larger the room, the larger the rug to define it. In many spaces you can safely put a rug directly in the center of the room and arrange furniture around it for an amazing entertaining area.

Another way that area rugs contribute to making your interior decor something you can feel as well as see is their ability to pull everything together. It’s almost as if your rug sets the theme for the rest of your furniture. Each piece of decor has some kind of connection with it, telling a little bit more of the story. Even large furniture like your sofa, bed or dining table play off of your rug, whether to contrast with or complement its designs and colors. The result is a harmonious room that is simple enough for visitors to sum up in a few words – like saying your home’s personality is chic, Mediterranean, or that it has a New York City art gallery vibe – but with tons of layers that keep them wanting more. If you use similar rug styles in several rooms, it’s even possible to have a unified theme in the entire home.

Looking to create an exotic ambience with hints of India, Thailand or another lush and mysterious location? Persian-style rugs are a great fit. They’re luxurious, colorful and bold, like the gold accents and flowing fabric of the robes and saris in a Mumbai palace. If you want something opulent and traditional, add furniture and decor with intricate details, like an armchair with twisting contours or a touch of velvet. A crystal chandelier overhead works well in many bedrooms, especially near a vanity where you can go to give yourself the royal treatment.

If vintage chic inspired in the music, dancing and high society of 1920s Chicago is more your thing, then you might like the flair of a wool rug with faded prints. They’re elegant and artistic, with elements that combine Paris fashion with the soulful melodies of Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington and Mamie Smith. Leather sofas and love seats – especially tufted designs – floor mirrors, pendant lighting with metallic accents, other metallic and mirrored decor, artwork and rich wood tables are a few options for recreating this speakeasy ambience. You can also pair vintage with contemporary by adding a gallery wall, upholstered furniture in bright colors or a dining table with a glass top.