Rug Pads

Each type of rug pad that we sell at Pottery Barn offers you multiple benefits, including the most important consideration for your household: safety. Standard, premium and outdoor rug pads work under all styles of area rugs. You may also place pads between area rugs and wall-to-wall carpeting. Rug pads are a must-have under rugs set on tile, hardwood and stained concrete floors, since area rugs tend to slip and slide around easily on these surfaces. Rug pads used on smooth, hard floors add extra cushioning as well as traction for people walking and navigating around furnishings. They protect area rugs from dirt, oils and grime on the original floor surface. Rug pads also keep reversible rugs from fading on the undersides due to wear and tear.

Each type of rug pad is available in multiple widths and lengths, and may be cut with scissors to achieve a precise fit under rugs and doormats. Use longer pads under runners in hallways and high-traffic zones for extra safety. Trim larger pads to fit under solid rugs in great rooms and open spaces where kids and pets love to run. Use rug pads in playrooms and other rooms where people sit on the floor to engage in activities, since the pads add extra padding and warmth.

Outdoor rug mats provide slip-resistance to doormats and rugs used in outdoor spaces, but you can use them indoors, too. The rubber-blend coating makes them stick to the deck or floor, while the open weave allows the outdoor rug pad to dry quickly if it gets wet. This pad is an ideal choice to use under mats in mud rooms and garages. Place an indoor/outdoor rug mat under a cozy rug next to the tub for rambunctious young bathers. Do the same near the kitchen sink for secure cushioning underfoot while washing up dishes.

It's good to have protective doormats anywhere you have an entry point into the home. Use a small runner or area rug in your entryway in front of a console table or bench. The slip-resistant rug pad under the entryway carpet makes it a secure area to greet friends and get the dog ready for a walk. You won’t need to keep readjusting the entryway rug every time someone visits or walks through the entryway area. Rug pads also make vacuuming and sweeping rugs easier, especially when the rugs are placed over smooth surfaces or have a lot of fringe.

Order a standard or premium rug pad to use under your dining table or kitchen breakfast nook to keep the table in place. Protected rugs under dining tables also keep feet cozy when it’s cold outside. Breakable tableware is safer when there’s a nice cushion of carpet under the table. If you want to use carpet pads over wall-to-wall carpeting, place the rubber side up so it’s facing your new area rug. The recycled fiber side will grip the wall-to-wall carpeting. If you’re placing a new rug directly on a smooth floor, place the rubber side facing down to grip the floor, and the pad’s fibers will steady the new area rug.

Outfit the bedroom with ample rug pads for safety and comfort, especially if your bedroom has hardwood or tile floors. A fuzzy or fleecy rug next to the bed makes a fine place to put the feet first thing in the morning. Rugs placed at the foot of the bed and near dressing benches make a nice soft spot to put on clothes after bathing. Both of these bedroom area rugs need pads to keep the rugs from sliding while you’re getting in and out of bed and preparing for your day.