Rug Pads

At Pottery Barn, we know that while style is king when it comes to interior decorating, you need some behind the scenes pieces to keep everything looking just right. With our rug pads, your home decor will stay perfectly underfoot and maintain a luxurious feel for years to come. We offer three different styles of rug pads including standard, premium and outdoor so you can find the right one for your needs. Since rugs tend to slip and slide on tile, hardwood and stained concrete floors, rug pads are a must to ensure safety. Use rug pads on smooth, hard floors to add extra cushioning as well as traction for people walking and navigating around furnishings.

Our standard rug pads provide a nonskid layer between an area rug and your floor and add softness underfoot while our premium pads are a bit thicker and plusher. Each type of rug pad comes in several different widths and lengths. Most can also be cut with scissors to achieve a precise fit under custom rugs and doormats. Longer pads are best suited for use under runners in hallways while premium pads are ideal for playrooms where children sit on the floor for long periods of time. These pads also add extra warmth so your children can stay cozy while playing with friends.

Our outdoor rug mats are specially designed to provide slip-resistance in your favorite outdoor spaces under outdoor rugs. These dual rug pads can also be used indoors and feature a rubber-blend coating that makes them stick to the deck or floor. An intelligently designed open weave allows the outdoor rug pad to dry quickly when it gets wet. Use these pads beneath mats in mud rooms and garages to keep your home sparkling clean. If you have children, these rug pads are an excellent addition to bathrooms where kids splish and splash in the tub before bed. Add one near the kitchen sink for water absorption underfoot while washing up dishes.

Rugs and rug pads are particularly suited to use in high-traffic areas, such as the entryway, as they offer grip in the most used areas of your home. Rug pads even make it easier to keep rugs looking new and clean since the even surface makes vacuuming more efficient. Opt for a small runner in front of console tables or storage units by the front door. Secure your entryway rug with a rug pad that ensures you don’t have to adjust constantly the rug every time someone walks through the door. Your guests will be greeted with stunning style and safety from falls as soon as they step into your home.

Another benefit of rug pads is that they protect your flooring from everyday use. Offering protection from dirt, oils and grime, rug pads absorb materials that can be harmful to the original floor surface thus extending the life of your flooring. Rug pads also keep reversible and natural fiber rugs from fading on the undersides due to wear and tear. Shag carpets can also experience significant wear over time from the force of daily footfalls. Rug pads absorb this impact ensuring your fibers stay stronger for longer.

Whether you have patterned or solid rugs, rug pads make each piece more enjoyable with plush comfort and secure safety. Use rug pads beneath dining tables to protect hardwood floors from scratches that occur when pulling chairs in and out at every meal. When placing rug pads on hard floor surfaces, use the rubber side down to create a secure grip. If you want to add an area rug on top of existing carpeting, place the rubber side up to grip your new rug while the fibers on the opposite side secure the unit to the carpet fibers.