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Doormats are functional in that they keep dirt and mud from being trekked into your home. They are also a way to welcome someone to your abode. Doormats can be personalized with your familyʼs name or initials. You can also choose doormats that are decorative, featuring various prints and patterns. Seasonal doormats are festive during the holidays too. Once the holidays have come to an end, you can store them away until next year.

Another way to be hospitable from the outside is to hang a wreath on the front door. Fragrant rosemary or lavender wreaths look and smell terrific. Floral wreaths and dried herbs adorn the door and invite guests in. During the holidays, you can switch out your wreath for one that goes with the season for some variety. You can also put a wreath on your back door to welcome your back door neighbors.

Wreath hangers fit above the door to balance without having to use nails or screws. We have various designs for you to choose from at Pottery Barn. A hand-hammered brass and stainless-steel hanger is adjustable to fit doors up to 3 inches thick. It can also be monogrammed. Equestrians will love a horse wreath hanger made of stainless-steel and aluminum with copper plating. One iron hanger has five interchangeable finials featuring a tree, stag, pumpkin, star and bird. Nature lovers will like the deer with antlers that hangs a wreath.

Decorate your front and back porch with patio and outdoor planters filled with botanicals. Rustic galvanized metal planters and clay pots can withstand the elements. Drainage holes allow excess water to drain out. If your porch is covered the basket planters work well outside. Fill the planters and pots with evergreens, herbs or blooming flowers. Annuals will need replacing but perennials are long-lasting.

A porch bench is a superb addition to allow for seating without taking up much space. Sit and relax with a cup of tea and watch the world go by. You can wave to your neighbors as they walk by or work in their yard. Watch the sunrise or sunset from a bench made of harvested mahogany painted with a weathered gray with wide slats across the back. Alternatively, select a darker stained mahogany bench with narrow slats. Comfortable cushions are also available in assorted colors.

Add a couple of outdoor pillows for comfort and to complement the decor. Bolsters, square shapes and lumbar pillows come in lots of cool prints and patterns. Bright solids are ideal for mixing and matching to shake it up a little. The fabrics are weather-resistant so suited for the outdoors but can also be used indoors. Try them in a sunroom or lined up on a bay window.

An outdoor rug works well on a roomy front, back or side porch. Rugs create a gathering area where people naturally gravitate. Synthetic and sisal rugs are weatherproof, so they are designed to be outdoors. However, they can also be used inside your home. Select from the different designs and sizes to fit your porch area. Neutrals blend in and vibrant patterns stand out. An artificial green turf rug lets the yard continue to the porch floor. Most every color coordinates with Mother Nature so you can pick your favorite color of rug to use. The rug adds some padding to cushion when you walk. Kids have a play area and dogs can curl up to nap at your feet.

Your porch is the first thing someone sees when they come to your home. By adding a few accessories you can make it an accommodating porch where folks will want to linger. Keep a pitcher of iced tea ready and homemade cookies to serve.