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your guide to finding

Finding the Right Size for Every Room

The right rug can complete a room, adding color, texture and style while also making the space cozy and inviting. But it can be tricky to get the size and placement right. That's why we pulled together this quick guide by room, including tips on how to layer.

Design Tips

A popular layout is to place your furniture so that the front two legs of each sofa or chair sit on the rug.

For a larger room, you can opt for a rug that is large enough to contain all four legs of any sofas, chairs, coffee tables or side tables.

A rug should help define and accent the space, not look like wall- to-wall carpeting. Leave at least one foot of exposed floor space between the rug and walls.

Design Tips for Layering Rugs

Why layer rugs?

  • Define and highlight your space
  • Add color, texture, and contrast
  • Update the look of your space
  • Showcase a smaller rug without it looking too small for the space

What rugs can be used to layer?

Any rugs can be layered in your space. Try using a thin, neutral rug for a base. The top layer can be anything that fits the space.

Where can I layer rugs?

Any space can accommodate layered rugs. Try layering rugs in the living room to define the seating area, or layer with soft sheepskin rugs on either side of your bed. You can also layer in the entryway to showcase a smaller rug that doesn't quite fill the space.

Design Tips

Choose a rug that is large enough to fit all four chair legs, even when the chairs are pulled out. You'll want to leave at least 24" of room between the backs of the chairs and the edges of the rug.

Consider if the table has extending leaves. If so, you'll want to choose a rug size that can accommodate the table with or without them.

Rectangle and Oval Tables

Round and Square Tables

Ready to find your perfect rug?

Use these tricks of the trade to make the process a little less daunting, or set up a free consultation with our Design Crew.

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How To Choose a Rug

Learn how to choose a rug with this clear and concise rug buying guide made for on-the-go use while you shop online today. Use these tips to help give shape to all your rug needs and envision how a new rug might look in your space. With tips and tricks for how to choose a rug for any room and any furniture layout, you'll be able to choose your new rug with confidence and finesse in no time. Enjoy browsing the fine selection of designs, colors, patterns and textures available at Pottery Barn. This rug guide makes it fun and supremely satisfying to find your next floor coverings.

Size and Scale

Consider the size and scale of the room for which you're choosing a rug. While many rugs come in standard sizes, taking much of the guesswork out for you, you'll still need to think about how much of the room you're trying to cover.

  • Size refers to the absolute measurement of your rug. Most rugs are rectangular so the length and width measurements will vary at a ratio of approximately three to four or four to five.
  • Round rugs are measured by their diameter, which is the length of the rug from end-to-end and through the center at any point. There's only one measurement figure for diameter, so keep that in mind when shopping for a round rug.
  • Scale refers to how your rug fits against the size or absolute measurements of your room itself. For instance, a bedroom that is 10' x 12' might look great with a rug about half that size or two-thirds that size.

Design and Material

When it comes to your rug's design, anything goes. There's no guide for personal taste, but you may find how to choose a rug is easier when you know a bit more about design trends.

  • For an organic look, choose a rug made of jute or seagrass. These earthy materials are derived from natural fibers and are usually woven for an interesting texture.
  • If you choose a wool rug, you can pick from a wide variety of loomed designs, including trellises, floral or geometric styles or medallions. Your color selection is practically unlimited in this regard.
  • Solid or minimalist two-tone rugs are often popular when the focus is on texture. Enjoy the feel of genuine hides, faux fur and other feel-good material.

Matching Your Rug

How you match your rug to your furniture matters to the mood of a room. Choose a rug that enhances what's special about your furniture. The best part of how to choose a rug is that when you feel the space needs a refresh, you can always swap the rug out for a new one. It's a quick and easy change that makes a major impact.