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Rug Pads

Do you want to make your rugs even softer and more plush than they already are? Consider putting pads under the carpeting. This creates a soft layer of depth that your feet really sink into when you walk across the room. Your rugs are important parts of the decor in your home. Placing a layer of padding under them offers you several benefits. Rug pads offer extra safety and ease of cleaning. They also enhance your comfort level when you walk across or sit on your oriental rugs. They even protect the flooring. Plus, it’s easy to size and install a layer of padding under your rugs.

Increases Safety and Extends the Life of Rugs

Make sure your area rug doesn’t slide when people or pets move quickly. It’s simple to make sure your rugs stay put. To do this, just lay down a pad with nonstick backing that grips both the floor and the underside of your rug. If the rug is already on the floor, simply roll it up. Then spread out the pad before unrolling the rug. This is not only good for the people in your home because of the increased safety, but it’s also good for your rugs. It helps them last longer. By preventing rugs from sliding around, pads keep rug fibers from wearing off of the backing.

Makes Vacuuming Easier and Adds Cushiness

Vacuuming a rug that’s on top of a pad is easier because the pad keeps the rug from sliding around and bunching up. You make it easier for your sweeper to pick up loose particles that get down in your carpet fibers by creating a smoother surface. That same layer of padding that makes it easier to keep your rugs clean also adds a layer of padding under the rug, increasing the softness you feel under your feet. This enhances your comfort level if you’re standing up for an extended time. Or, if your kids like to stretch out on the floor to watch a movie or read, your choice of a rug pad helps keep them comfortable.

Protects Flooring Under Rugs

The pads under your rugs provide an extra layer of cushioning that protects your flooring while extending the life of your natural fiber rugs. A large piece of furniture centered on an area rug makes beautiful visual impact. So, it’s useful that pads also protect your flooring from scuff marks from heavy furniture, like your dining room table, a grand wingback chair or a heavy coffee table. Adding a pad under the rug in any room lets you relax, knowing you’re protecting your flooring. There’s no reason to worry if someone drops a heavy pan or moves a table around the room.

Easy to Install

A rug pad is ideally about an inch shorter on all sides than the rug is. This lets the outer edge of the rug curl downward over the pad’s edge for a smooth, no-show effect. Check the dimensions of your rug, and then choose the pad with the closest size. If the closest size isn’t an exact fit, these pads are easy to trim down with regular household scissors. Choose between two thicknesses based on how much depth you want underfoot – 1/8"-thick and 1/4"-thick pads – depending on your preferences.

Pads add to the level of comfort in your home when you install them under your rugs. If you’re putting in wall-to-wall carpeting, install the rubber side of the pad facing upward. This puts the carpet backing directly against the pad. Install the pad with its rubber side facing downward if the rug is going on top of a hard surface and it doesn’t reach the full width and length of the room.

Rug pads keep you and your floors safe while making you even more comfortable. See the differences a rug pad can make, and you might never go without one again.