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Your bedroom is a place for you to feel calm and relaxed, and the type and style of furniture you have reflects this. You need a bed that invites deep sleep, a bedside table for your reading book and lamp, and a dresser to keep your clothes and extra bedding neatly stored away so your room is clutter-free. At Pottery Barn, we help you combine the costs of these items with our bedroom set savings. So whether you want a bed, dresser or bedside table combination or all three pieces of furniture, we have a great selection to offer you.

For a bedroom with traditional decor, go for a handcrafted hardwood headboard and extra-wide dresser set with a rich mahogany stain that adds warmth to your room. Both items have a rustic appeal reminiscent of salvaged wood thanks to the saw marks and grooves that accent the wood. The headboard gives a grand look to your bed and is available in full, queen or king size. The extra-wide dresser is perfect if you have a spacious room. Four smaller drawers sit above four deep drawers and offer plenty of room to store all your clothing and bedding essentials.

If you don’t have as much floor space, opt for a storage bed with baskets and a standard size dresser. With space for six wicker baskets underneath the bed, this style of bed offers generous storage space in a pretty design. The rattan baskets have cut-out handles so you can pull them out easily, and they fit neatly in a hardwood frame. Your mattress sits directly on top of the frame, and we recommend that you use our rug pads on the platform to prevent the mattress from slipping. The dresser has two smaller drawers above two deep drawers. Don’t forget to make the most of the room on the top where you can display a framed photo, your jewelry box or flowers held in a pretty vase.

An alternative to a storage bed with baskets is a platform style with storage drawers. Six drawers in the bed’s frame offer plenty of space in an attractive design. The drawers feature dovetail joinery, and the pulls are made of decorative bronze-finished iron. Choose a standard or extra-wide dresser to go with it, depending on how much storage you need and the amount of floor space you have available.

Be decadent with a canopy bed. Based on the simple yet classic style of Shaker furniture, the natural grain of the wood is highlighted by the multistep finish that is completed by hand. The canopy of this four-post bed is removable so you customize it to achieve your preferred look. A sheer canopy drape adds a dreamy look and softens the rich wood coloring. The dresser drawers have mounted glides to open smoothly and wooden stops to prevent you from pulling them out too far.

A bed made of mango wood with a headboard and footboard has natural rustic appeal. The stylish design includes a plinth base, raised arch panels and classic molding. Choose a mattress and box spring set or go for a bedside table as the bed’s companion. The drawer keeps all your bedtime essentials together. The shelving underneath provides room to stack your books.

You may already have your dream bed, so choose a coordinating dresser and bedside table. Go for rich wood tones and carved moldings to suit traditional decor. Hand-carved leaf panels and columns look pretty and delicate. Mirrored designs are bold while simple straight edges and open designs are chic and airy. Lattice patterns add a pretty decorative touch.

When choosing your dresser and bedside table set, consider the space you have and your needs. If your bed is against one wall, go for one bedside table. If it’s in the middle, a bedside table on either side is convenient and looks more balanced. The size and style of dresser depends on whether you prefer to use floor or wall space and how much storage you need. Go for a standard dresser, a tall dresser or an extra-wide one. Hang a mirror above it to open up your room and reflect the natural light from your window. Place an alarm clock on your bedside table to make sure you don’t spend all day in your newly furnished bedroom.