Bath Everyday Value

The best time to design or redecorate your master, guest bath or powder room is when there is a Bath Everyday Value going on. That way you get more bang for your buck with the utmost in quality.

Replace old, thinning towels with new, luxurious, quick-drying bath towels that wrap around you like a bear hug. Drying off with soft, plush towels is a wonderful feeling following a bubble bath or a steamy shower. Select towel colors to suit each bathroom’s colors or go with white or neutral tones that match everything. Make sure to replace old bath mats too for a cushioned landing for your feet. Bath mats are essential to prevent slipping when you are wet.

Update the baths with new fabric shower curtains. A shower curtain will most likely be a focal point in the bathroom, so choose one that makes a statement. Ruffled linen has a beautiful, feminine touch or go for a sleek organic embroidered curtain. For a beach-like motif, choose the shower curtain with anchors or lighthouses. Classic medallion designs are quite elegant or try a simple stripe pattern. Once you have chosen the right shower curtain, a protective vinyl liner and roller curtain rings will finish it off.

When you need extra storage, consider hanging a medicine cabinet, which stores much more than medicine. Store toothpaste, deodorant and other toiletries out of the way and off the countertop. The extra mirror helps with putting on makeup, tweezing eyebrows, shaving and other primping for a close-up view.

Hang artwork in all of your bathrooms. A bathroom doesn’t have to be strictly functional. It can have its own decor. Try a funky tapestry, metal sculptures, medallions or tiles to add texture and depth. Alternatively, hang a 3-D print, wooden letters or a shadowbox for something a little different. Artwork is acceptable just about anywhere, and it can certainly change a boring bathroom into a wow bathroom.

Step it up one more notch for an avant-garde approach and hang a chandelier in one of the bathrooms. Chandeliers aren’t just for dining rooms. Center the chandelier on the bathroom ceiling, and it will reflect nothing short of elegance. Formal crystal chandeliers are stunning, but so are contemporary styles of crystal chandeliers. Drooping wooden beads are very bohemian or go natural with earthy designs. You can’t go wrong with a chandelier in the bathroom. It’s pure luxury.