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Dining Entertaining Flash Sale

Any month in any season out of the year is a good time for entertaining. Whether you’re gathering family and loved ones together for the winter holidays or your youngest child is graduating college, and it’s time for a backyard bash in June, having the right items at your fingertips makes a big difference in your presentation and confidence level. You can breathe much easier when you know you have a shelf full of champagne flutes when you’re holding a New Year’s Eve bash. Alternatively, you can be confident you have a full, matching set of dinnerware should many relatives finally decide to come to Thanksgiving this year. Whether you’re a planner or need some dinnerware and tabletop accessories quickly, we have everything you need at Pottery Barn to make your event a success, from the smallest dinner party to the biggest of barbecues. It’s always a good idea to check out the Dining Entertaining Flash Sale pages as the items you may need the most may also be perfectly in tune with your budget.

When it comes to cocktail parties, having the right drinkware is key. Whether it’s a wine and cheese event with other friends from your book club or a full-scale cocktail party, complete with buffet tables and a rolling bar, it’s wonderful to have a myriad of different glassware on hand to suit any drink need. A flute glass works well not only for champagne served by itself but also for champagne drinks, such as mimosas. If you’re hosting a tea or a brunch at your home, it's good to have a few flutes on hand for these types of cocktails. If you're hosting a party where champagne is a main focus, flutes are absolute must-have glasses.

Having goblet glassware on hand serves several purposes as well. You can easily serve a Tom Collins or a short Manhattan and, in a pinch, a goblet can even serve as a margarita glass. A goblet can also serve to make a standard mixed drink, such as a rum and coke. A staple any home bar must have, choose several matching martini glasses to complete your bar set. A highball glass is suitable for a wide selection of drinks, even for sodas, teas and water. Similarly, an old fashioned glass is an ideal choice for any rocks or up drink, or you can offer your guests a true old fashioned for a vintage feel. Lastly, wine glasses are also an important part of any bar glass collection. Depending on the number of guests you’re hosting and what you’re serving, you’ll want an adequate amount of glasses for white, red and sparkling wines to make sure you have the bases covered.

When it comes to the “eat” part of eat, drink and be merry, the right dinnerware set polishes the look for any occasion. Consider an entire set, particularly if you have big parties often and worry about mismatched plates and serveware. When choosing a set, sometimes it’s best to go for subtle, neutral colors if you often host events. This way, your dinnerware set works well for a Christmas get-together or is perfect for a midweek dinner in the middle of July. A versatile set that’s easy to clean and maintain can make cooking and prepping so much more seamless.

If you need individual pieces or replacement pieces, there are often single pieces available, especially within the Flash Sale pages. This is also a good way to add to an existing set if you know you’re having a large party coming by to eat. Consider adding new salad or cereal bowls to your set, or coffee mugs and saucers to help finish off your place settings.