Every Day Values Beds

As with any room in your home, there are many decisions you have to make until the room begins to come together. For example, you can go with general themes, or you can be bold and striking with your furniture choices. The final choices are up to you and depend on your lifestyle. If you switch apartments often or love to swap room colors frequently with the seasons or just for fun, a one-style-fits-all bed design could be the best option for your needs. Something with simple lines fits almost anywhere and anytime. However, that doesn’t mean you need to shy away from specific decor. If you have a well-defined artistic vision that accompanies you wherever you go - like a penchant for 1970s retro, for example - infusing your bedroom with furniture that makes a statement is an awesome idea. At Pottery Barn, our Every Day Values beds cater to a wide range of decorating preferences.

If you are you a romantic who loves looking at the little things, it’s possible that your existing bedroom is filled with French-inspired decor like a crystal chandelier or silk curtains. One bed style that fits well is a tufted headboard upholstered beautifully. It transforms your private space into an elegant boudoir overlooking the twinkling Paris skyline. Delicate sheets and an impressionist painting or two are also ways to complement this intimate style. It’s hard to resist the luxurious feel of dark velvet. Lighter tones and fresh cotton textures contrast wonderfully with a bold accent wall in navy, burgundy or dark gray.

Why is it important to express your personality in a bedroom? For one thing, the bedroom is usually one room in the home that’s completely about you. True, your living room contains many elements with your signature style, but it’s also designed to impress company. Your bedroom, on the other hand, is dedicated 100 percent to the task of making you feel safe and secure. Surrounding yourself with decor and furniture you love helps you relax, kick off your shoes and enjoy yourself. It’s a place where you can think, plan or talk with friends without anyone else hearing.

If you’re artistically inclined, a bed with sharp contours and distinctive shapes is something that you might fall in love with immediately. A smooth sleigh bed with deep wood tones is bright and spacious. The laid-back profile works with bold inspirations like vibrant wall colors and fashionable accent tables. Artwork above the headboard shines effortlessly. A wood bed with thick legs is a natural fit for minimalist designs since it stands out without overpowering the room. A floor mirror reflects light throughout the bedroom and has the added benefit of making it look even larger. For a studio ambience, go with floor lamps beside the bed instead of accent tables.

One important detail is that everyone’s interpretation of furniture is a little bit different. What one person considers rustic might be the ideal addition to another person’s industrial style. It’s up to you to decide what you’re trying to express, ensuring that the bed you’re looking at matches your bedroom theme. If you feel that a platform bed fits your room’s beach vibe best, don’t hold back. Taking chances and innovating is what sets your space apart from everyone else’s.

If you want to create an Asian-themed bedroom dedicated to relaxation, add furniture and decor to the room that reminds you of nature. Spa elements are awesome here too. A woven headboard takes you to the lush jungles of Thailand or China. Incidentally, the color green is recognized by many therapists to be inherently soothing, so it lifts away stress. Richly toned wood or woven furniture matches green accents beautifully. Complete the design with a natural rug, carved wall art and scented candles. After a warm bath with softening salts, treat yourself to major comfort with a Turkish cotton bathrobe.