Every Day Values Coffee Tables

People are always in motion. Your life never stays completely static. Instead, you enjoy new experiences as time passes. You meet new friends, strengthen old ones, try interesting exotic cuisine and expand your collection of art and music thanks to upcoming artists. That doesn’t mean your personality changes, but the way you choose to express yourself does. Fresh inspirations show up especially in the things you create. At Pottery Barn, we know that your home is similar. Rooms evolve as seasons go by, such as when you come across a piece of furniture you love or just because you want to mix things up a bit. Our Every Day Values Coffee Tables and console tables are very distinctive on purpose. We want to help you find items that match your personality and spark your imagination even more.

Rectangular coffee tables fit so beautifully in front of sofas and sectionals that they almost seem like twins separated at birth. They’re a natural combination: just like coffee and cream or mint and chocolate. A sleek coffee table fits virtually any interior design: modern, traditional, minimalist and vintage too. How can you take all that charm to the next level? One way is by layering additional decor around the table. Think of it as shifting whatever ambience you want in the room into overdrive. Most coffee tables have several surfaces where you can accessorize, both on top and on a lower shelf or shelves. The result is a collection of items that guests can’t take their eyes off of.

What kind of objects can you include? Anything that says something about you. Photographs, books, magazines, artwork and sculptures - even pebbles and seashells from a beachfront vacation work if you love them. There’s no limit to the details you can share this way. A coffee table with simple lines keeps things harmonious no matter what you include as decor.

If you’re looking for something minimalist or to express yourself artistically, then the location and size of each piece matters. Play around with different heights, colors and textures until you’re satisfied. You can change the layout anytime you want. For an arrangement that’s more akin to a world traveler’s treasure trove, just display objects anywhere you have space: usually the more the better. Each item sparks a story to tell visitors and is sure to elicit a lot of interesting questions. In fact, with a coffee table shaped like a trunk or storage piece, the whole room has a hacking-through-the-jungle atmosphere that’s lush and mysterious. Toss in a lot of plants and wood furniture to transform a living room or bedroom into a Thai bungalow.

No one said coffee tables had to be rectangular. There’s nothing wrong - and many things right - with using a round coffee table in a conversation or entertaining area. In fact, rounded edges make it easier for people to move around, which is awesome if your friends and family like to laugh and joke around. Soft contours are naturally elegant, artistic and modern. You can center a round table if you want things to have a traditional feel, or go for an uneven placement to make a fashion statement.

If you have a large sectional or living room, a circular table may seem too small for the space, When decorating a space like this, go with your gut since you know your home best. Feel free to use more than one table if the style calls for it. Two or three circular coffee tables in a grouping - perhaps of different heights or styles - are very chic and innovative. Each one can have its particular decor, such as vases, a reflective tray and other decorative objects. For something especially rustic, two or three reclaimed wood logs double as an awesome coffee table combination.