Every Day Values Table

Nontraditional dining rooms are the new norm in many modern homes. What does that mean? It means that expressing yourself creatively when it comes to a dining space isn’t just a lot of fun, but it’s also very chic. Whether your design vision calls for the luxury of a Victorian-style table with intricate moldings to a minimalist glass surface with a striking centerpiece, there are no rules as to the size of your dining room or even where to place it. Your entire house is a blank canvas where you can innovate. At Pottery Barn, we get excited when you push the envelope with your decor. Our Every Day Values table options cater to artistic and adventurous tastes. They fit a wide variety of personalities and themes to make it easy to put the finishing touches on your home’s signature entertaining areas.

Since the main idea behind nontraditional dining spaces is that any room is an ideal spot for a bite to eat, that means the outdoors too. Having breakfast on your patio or balcony is an awesome way to infuse your morning with energy and a positive outlook. Fresh air relaxes you and wakes you up in a pleasant way, making your coffee or tea taste even better. The sound of birds and a gorgeous sunrise make anyone smile, which has a profound effect on the rest of your day. As a matter of fact, a little bit of the outdoors even improves your blood pressure and helps you innovate and focus better throughout the day.

What other areas of the home can double as an entertaining space? Living rooms - especially open-concept designs - provide a ton of possibilities. If you have a favorite picture window, a table and chairs nearby give guests a superb view while they sip drinks and chat. The beauty of this type of living room and dining configuration is that you can be flexible with the seating. Rocking chairs, recliners and comfortable armchairs are all fair game. A pedestal table offers more than enough legroom, and everyone can see each other.

When bringing a nontraditional dining spot to life, it helps to think of each room as a combination of several smaller spaces. No one said a living room was only for a sofa, for example. There’s nothing wrong with having one area for relaxed seating with friends and family - perhaps with an L-shaped sectional - and another spot with a table for more intimate conversation. This versatile layout lets you watch movies, entertain, sit in front of the fireplace or admire a favorite painting at your leisure.

Highlight your haute couture with a breakfast nook. Your walk-in closet is a nice spot for a trendy bistro table and some well-deserved me time. That way you can enjoy a book or have some quiet relaxation whenever you want. Another plus is that a bistro table makes an awesome place for fresh flowers or stylish accessories when you want a touch of decor in the room. This same concept works in any bedroom or personal haven.

Show off an impressive collection of literature or art in a combination library and dining room. This lends a formal and intimate air to celebrations. Pendant lighting overhead and a neutral rug underneath wow guests while still letting your masterpieces remain the star of the room. A rectangular table’s straight lines fit the vertical borders of a bookcase very well.

Another artistic possibility is to combine fashion and function with a drop-leaf table or storage table. This is fabulous for spaces where you handle a couple of different tasks. In the kitchen, for example, you can prep food normally and then serve sleepy family members with plenty of room effortlessly. Alternatively, turn your art studio - complete with your artwork pieces hanging from the walls and a pair of floor lamps - into an eclectic dining space for company. Good food, good wine and close friends have always been an ideal match for artwork. Improvise with different kinds of seating for an especially informal atmosphere.