Decor Mirrors Clearance

Adding your own personal touches to your walls is an integral part of decorating a space. While artwork and photos are beautiful additions to your vertical surfaces, mounting mirrors is also a lovely way to decorate your rooms. The decor and mirrors in the Pottery Barn gallery promise to add a distinctive feel to any room in your home.

A floor mirror is stunning – and very helpful – addition to your bedroom or dressing area, giving you the ability to check your look before leaving the house. floor length mirrors are also a beautiful addition to a hallway, because they brighten up the space and add winning dimension. If the mirrors reflect other accessories, such as flowers and plants, you’ve instantly added a delightful natural element to your rooms.

When mirrors capture and reflect back light, the effect can be unforgettable. When the reflected light comes from candles, the warmth promises to become a focal point in your room. Whether you choose flickering flameless candles or traditional ones with real flames, these reflections in your wall mirrors will be a delightful accent.

Mirrors are available in many different styles to match your decorating themes. From rustic whitewashed wood frames to ornate silver or gold frames, it’s easy to find a mirror to match your other decorative objects. With mirrors reflecting your prized possessions, unique collection or unusual artifacts, they become even more eye-catching.

Consider adding other decorative pieces to your walls to complement the mirrors. Framed art is one option to add to your wall decor, and these pieces often mesh easily with mirrors and other decorative items. You might also choose textile art, metal tiles and wreaths for your walls. These distinctive pieces could work beautifully with lanterns and string lights when you want to create an eclectic atmosphere in a living area or a bedroom.

Decorative wall art could also be an artistic way to accessorize a fireplace mantel. With a mirror or large framed piece serving as the anchor for the surface, you could accessorize the remaining space with vases in a variety of sizes and heights.

The decorative options with mirrors and other framed pieces are virtually limitless. You can dress these items up or down for a casual or upscale living area by adding other elements that coordinate or contrast with the shapes and designs. It’s so easy to mix and match pieces that you might find yourself continually updating your living areas.