Free Shipping Frames

Whether you’re hanging up beautiful memories that you and your family have made, or your walls are covered in photography, decor and art that you love coming home to every day, what hangs on your walls is essentially a showcase of your tastes and joys. Finding the right collage or just the right piece to complete a look has never been easier with a wide selection of free shipping frames and wall decor that we offer at Pottery Barn. Don’t worry about shipping costs as you choose beautiful, elegant picture frames or eclectic and interesting wall decor from this featured page.

If you have photographs, art or drawings of your own that you’d like to display, consider a durable yet attractive gallery frame. Available in several different sizes, these frames work well to create a collage of different subjects for any room in your home. Not just for pictures, you can also display and mount art and other works in these versatile frames. If you simply want to display photographs, there are a variety of picture frames available with the free shipping option. Choose clear frames with no border for an interesting, modern look, or opt for acrylic gallery frames that work well mounted on the wall. With most available picture frames, you’re able to situate them neatly on an accent table, mantel or desk. However, they can also be wall-mounted for more prominent display.

To create a collage, choose different sizes of picture frames made of the same construction for a cohesive look. If your aim is to create a gallery-like feel, feature small-, medium- and large-sized works of art and photography on your wall. For a homier feel, you can mix and match different styles between your walls and tables or countertops. For example, choose larger frames and photographs for your wall while you display smaller frames on your desk. Mix and match different materials or make your collage from the same type of frame, such as antique brass or mother of pearl.

Matte-style frames are also available, allowing you to have pictures and art situated in the center of the frame with a thick white border. You often see this type of frame with posters or prints, but smaller sizes allow you to matte-finish film photographs and small drawings. For safekeeping of smaller photographs and negatives, a photo keepsake box is wise to use for your projects. It also makes a wonderful gift idea.