Sale Accent Tables & Entryway

Both accent furniture and support pieces are very valuable in a room. In the case of focal pieces – like a large painting or a gorgeous leather sofa – it’s easy to see why. They jump out at you and grab the attention of guests in a fraction of a second. How big a role do side tables, console tables, bookcases and the like play in a room? Put simply, they’re the backbone that brings everything together harmoniously. They show the way different accent pieces connect, telling visitors what kind of ambience you’re going for. Plus, it’s a lot of fun to express yourself artistically with distinctive furniture that catches your eye. At Pottery Barn we offer tons of accent and support pieces to help you create your dream room. And with our sale of accent tables and entryway furniture it’s easy to fill the whole house with your design vision. Here are a few ideas.

Coffee tables are extremely versatile. They’re great as accents because most people naturally look in their direction as they enter the living room. But they also know how to play support if you want a Persian rug to be the star instead. Size and design usually decides how much attention a coffee table gets. Feel free to think outside of the box with circular coffee tables or nontraditional positioning. For example, if you’ve got the space, check out the effect of placing a coffee table diagonally in a conversation area.

Side tables come in tons of shapes and sizes. They slip neatly into the background and add layer upon layer of style. They can express a traditional atmosphere, go rustic, feel exotic or make a trendy statement, depending on the form you prefer. Geometric surfaces, reclaimed wood logs or a reflective top are just a few incredible elements you can play around with. That gives you total artistic freedom to innovate. Do all the side tables in a room have to match or be clones of one another? Not at all. They’re merely brush strokes in your masterpiece. You decide how many and what kind to include.

Console tables are a quirky mixture of the best parts of coffee tables and side tables. They’re generally tall and long, so they stand out wherever placed. They’re awesome as entryway pieces, welcoming guests inside the house and showing them a taste of your art collection or family photographs. They shine beautifully in the living room, bedroom, dining room, bathroom and even at the end of a long hall. A console draws attention to whatever you place on its ample surface, from a propped up painting to smaller elements that create a vignette.

Of course, no one says you have to color inside the lines. Use an ottoman as a coffee table for a touch of chic and informal flair. Or place a coffee table in between two armchairs to act like a long pair of side tables pushed together. The possibilities are endless.